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Why PVC edge banding?

PVC edge banding is mainly used for sealing the cross-section of the board, so as to protect the board from the environmental damage, especially for the damage of the water in the air. In addition, PVC veneer edge banding not only can prevent the volatilization of formaldehyde inside the board, but also achieving a beautiful […]

Panel type furniture VS Solid wood furniture

Panel type furniture VS Solid wood furniture Solid wood furniture The concept of solid wood furniture Solid wood furniture is made of the natural timber directly, banning using any wood-based panel as the raw material. Solid wood is usually used for producing the table and the closet’s cabinet door and side panel. And the real […]

The melamine paper vs PU foil furniture paper.

The melamine paper vs PU coated finish foil furniture paper.   Almost all of the people regarding the melamine as toxic material. Actually, melamine is a sort of chemical material be applied for the field with coating, laminate, binder, paint remover, textile, paper, leather tanning, flame retardant. Any chemical material can not be used for food additive […]

Melamine Paper vs PVC Vinyl Film

Melamine paper vs PVC sticker Melamine paper is a decorative paper for furniture, and PVC decorative paper also can be used for furniture paper, even for car body stickers, laptops, and wall stickers. Thus both of them are decorative paper at home, but we have a problem: melamine contact paper better than PVC vinyl film […]

What is panel-type furniture?

What is panel-type furniture ? Why furniture deals? Panel-type furniture is a kind of furniture made of MDF or particle board, with features of cheap price, environmental protection, and multi-patterns, so the panel-type furniture catches the furniture market fastly when it occurs, popular in the worldwide. A large part of this furniture is wood grain […]