1. Q: Are you a foreign trade company or a factory?

A: We are the integration of industry and trade. Hangzhou Yodean Import and Export Co., Ltd., as the import and export representative office of decorative printed paper factory of Hangzhou Dawei was formally established in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in 2015.

2. Q: What is the scale of your factory?

A: Our factory Hangzhou Dawei Decoration Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985. It is located in the west of Hangzhou City, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The company covers an area of more than 80 mu, with modern industrial plants and a large number of advanced imported production equipment, testing equipment.

3. Q: What kind of products does the factory produce?

A: Dawei company’s annual production of furniture veneer paper is more than 140 million meters, there are more than 4000 product models, and there are more than 2000 kinds of wood grain and other patterns, and constantly innovate. The products include 30g-80g/m2 wood grain paper, reinforced paper, 70g-120/m2 melamine paper, with surface coating of Melamine, NC, PU, Amino, etc., with surface effects of light, matte, hemp surface, 3D synchronous stereo and natural simulation effects.

  1. Q: Does your company have a certification?

A: Our factory has FSC certification. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a stakeholder owned system designed to promote responsible global forest management. It provides standard-setting, trademark assurance, recognition services and market access for companies and organizations interested in responsible forests.

  1. Q: Where can the product be applied?

A: DAWEI decorative paper products are widely used in good quality furniture, kitchen cabinets, decorative skirting, decorative cabinets and other fields.

  1. Q: Does your product have quality assurance?

A: The quality of our decorative paper has been confirmed by domestic and foreign testing companies. Our product quality has reached advanced level, with various functions such as color stability, natural texture, color resistance, wear resistance, water resistance and pollution resistance.

  1. Q: How can samples be obtained?

A: You can contact us by phone or by leaving a message on the website. For within 3 meters with the designs we already have, we can send you free.

  1. Q: Is the product in stock?

A: Generally, it is produced after receiving the order. Only a part of the products are in stock. You can contact the sales department for confirmation.

  1. Q: About after sales?

A: If you have any questions about the received products or do not know how to use them, you can contact us through email, telephone and other contact information and website messages, and we will provide service to every customer.

  1. Q: How can I contact you?

A: You can contact us by email, phone or other contact information and website message.

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Furniture Paper knowledge

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wood grain furniture paper

Fully Introduction of Furniture Papers

Furniture paper is a kind of surface decorative material for household products, belongs to an important material of furniture factory. Especially in recent years, with the trend of customized household, furniture decorative paper come into a developing trend, customized kitchen cupboard becomes more and more popular.

This change is not only for the convenience of furniture paper applied on the wood-like panels, but also for the thousands of designs of furniture paper. And furniture decorative paper also promotes environmental protection, reduces real wood grain furniture production.

office furniture with solid furniture paper

The changes in the home furnishing market will undoubtedly bring more expectations to decorative paper, and the furniture paper industry will face more and more competitors joining in, thus looking for competitive furniture decor paper products is very important. Following I will show you the main types of furniture paper in the market, from two points of design and production.

solid furniture paper wood grain paper and flower decorative paper finish foil

How to classify the type of furniture paper

The furniture decor includes wood grain veneer ( real wood grain veneer and artificial veneer), plastic film (PVC film, PET), paint and others, furniture paper is a big type of furniture decor, the based material is paper, their difference is according to the different printing and treatment technology.

How to classify the type of furniture paper is an open answer, we can classify them from different standards, different designs.

wood grain furniture paper

Printed decorative paper and impregnated film paper

Furniture surface decorative paper is a general name of all types of decor furniture paper, we can divide the furniture paper as printed decorative paper and impregnated film paper from dipped or not.

The distinguish between printed decorative paper and the impregnated film is whether it needs glue when applied on the wood-like surface.

The printed decorative paper needs white glue or wood glue when pressing on the furniture board, but the impregnated film no need glue when applied on the MDF, chipboard, etc furniture panel.

1. Printed Decorative Paper

The printed decorative paper is a kind of paper that imitates wood grain, marble, cloth and other patterns of various designs through image reproduction or artificial methods, and uses printing cylinders and color matching technology to print these designs.

Whether the surface of the paper is coated or not, printed decor furniture paper is divided into unpainted decorative paper and pre-painted decorative paper.

a. Unpainted decorative paper (Polaroid paper)

Polaroid paper is a kind of furniture printed decorative paper without surface painting, it is a kind of tissue paper with patterns printed on the surface, mainly applied for the veneer of particleboard, fiberboard, and plywood.

Adhesives are required, and finishing treatment is required after pressing.

b. Surface pre-painted decorative paper(Ornate paper)

Ornate paper is a kind of decorative furniture paper with painting, it also is a kind of tissue paper with patterns printed on the surface, mainly applied for the veneer of particleboard, MDF, and plywood.

Adhesives are required, but it doesn’t need painting after pressing, its abrasion resistance is not good, suitable for some furniture-making no need high requirement of abrasion resistance, floor surface decoration can’t use this type of furniture decor paper.

c. Surface pre-painted decorative paper ( Painted decor furniture paper)

Painted decor paper is a kind of titanium white paper with patterns printed on the paper surface, impregnated or coated with a small amount of resin, the resin content is usually 20% to 60%, the low resin content of the decorative paper is used for MDF veneer, and high content of painted furniture paper is used for edge banding.

The adhesive needs to be applied when veneer, generally no coating after veneer, the abrasion resistance is higher than that of ornate paper.

Yodean Decor provides a kind of  Finish Foil Paper, with PU coating on the surface, belongs to painted decor paper.

2. Impregnated film paper

Impregnated film paper is a resin impregnated paper made by impregnating the base paper with thermosetting synthetic resin and then drying to volatilize the solvent. The most common one is the paper impregnated with melamine resin, that is, melamine impregnated paper, also known as triamine paper.

According to different pressures, triamine paper can be divided into low-pressure triamine paper and high-pressure triamine paper.

a. Low pressures triamine paper

Low-pressure triamine paper is made of several layers of paper impregnated with melamine resin, which can be covered on the artificial board to obtain a low-pressure decorative board after hot pressing.

Low-pressure decorative wood panels don’t have many layers of impregnated paper, with features of low pressure when hot pressing, simple artwork, low cost, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, waterproof, chemical pollution resistance, has wide applications in veneer products, popular in wooden doors, custom cabinets, wardrobes, office furniture, etc.

b. High-pressure triamine paper

High-pressure triamine paper is developed for many years, this melamine paper has good performance and high brightness. But the pressure is too high when veneering and the hot pressing process is also more complicated.

The high-pressure triamine paper needs to do pressure-reduced after heating pressed and cold-pressed.

The main application of high-pressure triamine paper is a fireproof board, the surface decorative paper depends on the abrasion resistance of the fireproof board.

How to get stronger market competitiveness for furniture paper

Furniture paper belongs to the upstream sub-category, the competitiveness of furniture paper is the design and production technology.

  1. Designs of Furniture Decor Paper

The design of furniture paper depends on the pattern of household furniture, various design according to the trend of the furniture market is very important. The classic design can hold the old customers, but the new popular design can get more and more young customers, fashional design is always changing.

Therefore, the original design of decorative has competitiveness in the furniture.

Here are some designs from Yodean Decor.

1. Wood Grain Paper

wood grain paper design of furniture paper

2.Marble Furniture Paper

marble decorative paper for household

3.Textile Furniture Paper

textile furniture paper for artifical borad textile decorative paper for furniture

4. Flower Furniture Paper

flower furniture paper and metallic power

5. Solid Furniture Paper

Matt PU Coated

If you are looking for suitable furniture paper, please feel free to contact us for more details.

What is the PVC edge banding?

PVC edge banding is one kind of thermoplasticity coiled material made by the polyvinyl chloride in the way of calender by mixing up with the auxiliary, such as the plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, and the dye.

The PVC edge banding is always used with furniture contact paper, to decorate a better overall effect of furniture. In the furniture decoration market, the wood grain furniture paper is one of the popular contact paper, so the popular PCV edge banding is wood grain edge banding too, especial for maple edge banding and walnut edge banding.

The advantages of the PVC edge banding

1、Soft surface, although the surface was printed the wood、marble and the cloth texture on the surface, it still could keep the surface soft.
2、Having the realism and the third-dimension as the real wood.
3、Having a certain degree of the cleanliness feature and the decorative feature.
4、Having certain degree of heat resistance, chemical resistance, and corrosion resistance.
5、Having certain degree of solidity on the surface.

The main function of the edge banding.

1、Banding the panel section to avoid the damage caused by some negative elements in the environment and the using process (pay more attention for the water).

2、Avoid the volatilization of the formaldehyde hiding in the panel to achieve the function of decorative feature.

About the calcium carbonate powder (usually be called lime powder)

Generally, there is some calcium carbonate in the PVC edge banding. And the content of the calcium carbonate powder should be kept in an appropriate quantity. If it too high which will make the structure of the PVC loose and affect the quality of the PVC edge banding heavily, causing a lot of problem, such as

1、Crease in white.

It means that the edge banding is flexed in arc-shaped which will caused the white crease. Once the white crease caused and it will not disappear, even through the edge banding is straightened again.

2、Edge curl

It means that handling the detail about the edge banding will cause a gap, producing the edge curl. There is no doubt that edge curl also caused by other situation, take a example, the different of the speed and the order of adding the hot melt adhesive and raw material will not make the edge banding attaching on the panel tightly which lead to the edge curl appearing。

3、Poor appearance with the dim glossiness

After the edge banding is cut in detail and polished. The glossiness of is will become dim and fuzzy, leading to the appearance poor. At the present market, a lot of manufactures will add more calcium carbonate powder. Sometimes the content of the calcium carbonate powder will even over 60%. And the reason for why dose the different type of edge banding with the same brand sell in different price, the key reason is the content of the calcium carbonate powder.


Due to the high content of calcium carbonate, the edge band has no toughness, and the internal structure will be loose. If it is affected by external force slightly, it will crack, especially in the transportation with low temperature.

5、The problems in surface printing

There are two technologies for surface printing: printing and heat transfer film. The surface of heat transfer film is glossy, and the product looks bright and layered. Then due to its high cost, slow transfer speed and inconvenient color assortment with the panel, it has been replaced by printing. However, some low quality PVC edge banding is added in excess calcium carbonate powder, which makes the problem about discoloration, whatever which printing technology we choose, the discoloration still can not be handled,so the technology of heat transfer film also be choose some time.