white flooring tile

How to wipe clean the white floor tiles

Toothbrushes and brushes are more common, and they are also the most practical tools to clean up the dirt on the tile gap. The specific operation of this method is: use the toothbrush to dip a litte decontamination cream to remove the dirt in the seam at the tile seam, and then use the brush to dipped in waterproofing agent, wipe the seam in the tile gap, “This method not only can prevent water seepage but also can prevent the growth of mold. In our daily life, the detergent used to clean soil on the wishes at home. In fact, for the daily cleaning of the home floor tiles can also be used as detergent. The detergent is very mild in texture and comes with an aroma, apply it to the floor tiles where there are oil stains, or pour the detergent in the clean water for wiping the floor, it can quickly remove the oil stains and dirt on the floor tiles. At the same time detergent also has a certain degree of bacteria removal function, use it to wipe the floor can also reduce the breeding of bacteria at home, convenient and fast.

How to clean the white floor tiles when it is blackened

Soap cut into thin slices, and then put into hot water for melting made of soapy water. Soapy water can be used directly to wipe the floor, you can also put the production of soapy water into the water to wipe the floor. We use soap to wash clothes in our daily life, soap is very powerful in cleaning and does not harm clothes. Use soapy water to wipe the floor can remove the dust from the floor, if there are stubborn stains on the floor, you also need to use some detergent.
Note: When making soapy water, you do not need to add too much soap, or the floor is difficult to completely wipe clean with soap. The left soapy water on the floor will be easy to make you slip, then the safety of the family poses a threat, especially to the elderly and children.

The maintance method for white floor tile

Floor tile cleaning and maintenance also have a lot of attention, improper cleaning methods will be counterproductive.
Floor tile surface dust and gravel or glass fragments to clean up in time, otherwise, it is easy to cause floor scratches.
If the floor tile kind of decoration does not pay attention to protection, floor tile surface left mud scale, scratches and other kinds of more stubborn stains, it is difficult to clean. In this case can not use hydrochloric acid and oxalic acid to clean, as long as they use the correct cleaning agent and method, their own are completely easy to remove.

If you are tired to maintain the white floor tile, you also can choose the melamine board flooring, it has melamine paper on the wood like surface, features good dirt-resistance feature.

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20 Tips on How to Furnish a House

When deciding how to furnish a house, it’s important to plan your budget beforehand. Once you have established a budget, prioritize rooms, and allocate a certain amount to each space. Write it down so you can see exactly what you’re spending on each space. Consider adding accessories and leaving some wiggle room for decor. Then, you can begin shopping. Start by planning the overall look of the house.

Plan your budget

Before you start shopping for furniture, plan your budget. You can spend more than you have on a new couch or a brand-new couch if you buy too many pieces. Make a list of what you absolutely need and only purchase what you actually need. Write down what type of furniture you need, how much you want to spend, and where you want to buy the pieces. You can then add detail to your budget as you go.

You may have less disposable income when you’re first a homeowner. While your budget was accurate when you were still in college, labour and gas prices have gone up since then. Also, your budget may have more wiggle room than you thought. That extra money can go towards home maintenance and an emergency fund. Alternatively, you may want to spend a little more on a new sofa or a new TV.

A typical budget for furnishing a house should range from ten percent to fifty percent of the overall price of the home. Remember to take into account the size of the house and whether you want to furnish multiple rooms. It’s also important to factor in additional expenses, such as renovations, new appliances, and new electronics. Using an online referral service such as Angi (formerly Angie’s list) will help you find trusted professionals in your area.

Prioritize your purchases

While it may be tempting to buy everything you see at the first furniture shop, you need to prioritize your purchases based on the most important areas in your home. Whether it’s your living room, dining room, or bedroom, it’s important to buy only what you absolutely need and want. Buying items that you don’t need or want to use immediately will only end up making your new home feel crowded.

If you are new to the home furnishing industry, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by your list of needs and wants. Often, new homeowners set unrealistic goals for themselves, including a fully furnished home. This can easily blow your budget in one room. Instead, try focusing on a few basic pieces of furniture that will make your home comfortable. Focusing on a few basic pieces will help you prioritize your purchases and keep your budget under control.

Consider antiques

Using antiques in your home is an excellent way to make it uniquely your own. They add character, style, and even value to your space. Antique pieces are also great for decorating a theme room. A funky chair from the 1950s would look great in a music themed room. Old records and band posters and a phonograph would add to the music theme. Start small and slowly add pieces to the room until you’re satisfied with the overall effect.

When buying antique furniture, look for the stamps of the craftsman who made it. These stamps are often found along the lower edges of pieces. Antique furniture may have different wood types because the craftsmen did not want to waste valuable wood. You can identify genuine antiques by the stamps and the symmetry of their woodworking equipment. The stamps on antique pieces will have the maker’s name and the date of production.

Although some pieces may not have been in use for more than a hundred years, they are considered antiques by most interior designers. Often, antiques are common furniture pieces that have been well maintained by their owners. However, antiques differ greatly in style from newer pieces. The style of antique furniture depends on when it was made, but you can also find Victorian pieces made around 1880. Even if you have to restore them to match your modern furniture, antiques add character to your home.

Buy second-hand

There are many ways to buy second-hand furniture for your home. Buying furniture second-hand requires some vision. While most second-hand pieces may require some work, it is possible to find some excellent deals. Depending on your budget, you can either refinish the pieces yourself or purchase as-is. Whether you choose to refinish or purchase as-is, it is important to remember the following 20 tips:

Facebook Marketplace: Another way to buy second-hand furniture for a house is on Craigslist. You can post a classified ad for free and pay the seller with cash or a digital transfer of funds. You may need to pay an extra fee for delivery, so be sure to plan your time accordingly. In addition, many sellers use Facebook to sell their wares. You can browse the listings to find pieces of furniture that fit your home’s style.

Local resale markets: Besides thrift stores, online resale websites can also help you find quality second-hand items. You can also check Craigslist in your area or Facebook Marketplace. You can also check out online resale websites, such as Nextdoor and Etsy. You can also buy furniture through online auctions. However, make sure to read the descriptions of the items before you bid.

Buy custom

There are several reasons to buy custom furniture for your house. It is more economical than buying from a global store, and can add aesthetics, comfort, and functionality to your house. Furthermore, custom furniture is manufactured by a professional, ensuring a high quality finish and the design you want. However, this type of furniture may require a higher upfront price. However, it is worth it for the peace of mind that you will get after making your decision.

When buying custom furniture for your house, make sure you consider its durability. It must be able to withstand constant use and still look good. Moreover, it should be able to blend with the decor and complement the existing color scheme in your house. It is also possible to buy modular furniture that can fit your small space. By purchasing modular furniture, you can create a more functional and efficient space without disrupting your existing furniture.

Why Does Melamine Melt When Heated?

During the manufacturing process of melamine tableware, the material undergoes a series of chemical reactions to transform it into a thermosetting plastic, a substance that oozes with formaldehyde. In this way, melamine can be glazed, laminated, and designed. In addition, melamine can be an excellent electrical insulator. If you are wondering about the safety of melamine tableware, read on to learn more about its properties.
melamine formaldehyde is a thermosetting plastic

A thermosetting plastic that melts when heated is known as melamine. It is a naturally occurring organic compound that is combined with formaldehyde to form melamine-formaldehyde. This chemical is found in particleboards and other types of flooring. Melamine is used as an additive in many products, including laminates, kitchenware, and floor tiles. The resin is also heat resistant and fire retardant, making it useful in various industrial applications.

A chemical reaction is used to convert melamine to a solid material. Adding melamine to urea produces a sulfate-containing compound. The melamine-formaldehyde reaction is carried out at a temperature of 70 deg C and pH 8.5. The solid content increases as melamine concentration is increased. The reaction is conducted at the same temperature as urea, and it has a semi-linear structure.

It is a good electrical insulator

In addition to being an electrical insulator, Melamine also has a high degree of flammability and chemical resistance, and is widely used in electronic equipment. It is also available at low prices and has excellent acoustic properties. These two qualities make Melamine an excellent choice for thermal insulation. The disadvantages of Melamine include its low density and high flexibility, which can be problematic if the insulating material needs to be moved or placed at high temperatures.

Aside from being a good electrical insulator, Melamine is also a good thermal conductor, making it useful in heat-sinking transistors. It is also used in composite tapes and film sheets. Mica laminate is resistant to heat and humidity and does not outgas. It also has low toxicity and can withstand high temperatures and humidity. However, it is not recommended for use in heating and cooling systems as it may cause a fire.

It is a thermoplastic polymer

Although melamine is a thermoplastic polymer, it is not a plastic. A thermoplastic polymer melts when heated. It is used in a variety of applications, including upholstery and fire-resistant gloves. It is also a good material for kitchen tools because of its ability to block flames. This makes it a good choice for kitchens with hot pots and pans, which need to be protected from heat.

While the exact physio-chemical mechanisms involved in polymer decomposition are unknown, polymeric materials can exhibit hazardous behavior when heated. Melted polymers are often component parts of a ceiling or enclosure. Despite the potential hazards associated with polymeric materials, recent attempts have been made to quantify melt-drip and mass loss. In this article, we will discuss experimental and theoretical aspects of melt-drip behavior in thermoplastics under heat/fire conditions.

It can be designed, glazed, and laminated

Because it resembles other materials, melamine can be designed, glazed, or laminated to create the look you want. The resin, which is typically white, is mixed with other compounds to form a polymer. This substance is also thermosetting, so melamine is shaped under high temperatures. Once molded, it holds its shape forever. This material is also durable, but you need to pay attention to proper installation and assembly.

The chemical compound melamine is a white solid with a cyanamide trimer backbone. Melamine is often designed and glazed for a variety of applications, including laminates, glues, and melamine paper. The resin is typically mixed with strengthening materials and is extremely durable. This material is sold at a premium price. But it is well worth the price, especially if you’re looking for a durable, stylish product.

It can be used in the microwave

If you are planning to use melamine plates for microwave cooking, you should be aware of a few facts first. Microwaves can damage melamine plates, causing chemicals to leech into your food. In addition to being harmful for the environment, melamine is not dishwasher safe. It is best to avoid the microwave when you are preparing meals at home. You should avoid using microwaves for taking out containers, storing yogurt, water bottles, or condiment containers. In case you do purchase a set of melamine dishes, you should check for the corresponding symbols.

Fortunately, melamine is not harmful to human health. It is made from wood pulp and is often found in reusable dinnerware. It is not intended for high temperatures, and if exposed to heat, it will break or become weaker. However, it is perfectly safe to use melamine for serving dishes and dinnerware in the microwave. For safety, you should use a glass or ceramic dish instead.

It can migrate to foods

The migration of substances from melamine-based tableware to food is a significant concern. The extent of migration depends on the temperature, nature, and duration of contact. There are no international limits for melamine migration, although specific limits have been established in Mainland China and the European Union. The following information explains how melamine migrates from melamine-based tableware to foods.

The toxicity of melamine has been studied in animals. It is commonly used in food-contact materials. In fact, melamine can migrate into foods when exposed to high temperatures. The chemical is toxic to both humans and animals. In the past, melamine has been detected in foods and beverages. The safety of melamine-based tableware is being investigated. However, most current information is inconclusive, and no definitive guidelines are in place.

How to Prepare Melamine Cabinets for Paint?

If you are planning to paint your melamine cabinets, you need to prepare the underlying matboard properly. There are several things you need to remember: Preparing the melamine board before painting, Getting paint to stick on melamine, and Repainting melamine cabinets. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common problems and how to overcome them. Also, we will show you some useful tips on repainting melamine cabinets.

Preparing melamine board for paint

If you want to give melamine a new look, you need to prepare it properly. Without proper preparation, the paint will be difficult to stick to the surface and peel off easily. To prevent this problem, you can degloss the surface with 80-grit sandpaper or use a rag to brush off the powder. Here are some tips on how to prepare melamine boards for paint:

Before you begin painting, it is essential to remove all hardware from melamine cabinets. This will ensure that you get an even and complete paint job. If you have any hardware that might fall off during the painting process, cover it with painter’s tape to avoid painting through the hardware. Once this is done, you can paint the melamine board. You’ll be glad you did. It will be worth the effort to give your melamine surfaces a new look.

Getting paint to stick to the melamine board

If you have a melamine board, one of the biggest challenges you may face is getting the paint to stick. The surface is smooth, so if you are going to use paint to decorate it, you should first create some texture on it. To do this, use sandpaper with an 80-grit rating and a rag to dust off the excess powder. This will make it easier for the paint to adhere to the surface.

You can purchase melamine products at home centers in white or a variety of other colors. You can also order custom colors. Make sure to wear protective gear while painting melamine board, such as gloves and safety glasses. Also, be sure to avoid contact with the hard surface when using an alcohol-based primer, as it will produce strong fumes and is more difficult to clean. You may also use a spray paint designed for melamine boards without a primer.

Avoiding melamine board paint

When it comes to cabinetry, avoiding melamine board paint is a no-brainer. It offers a smooth, uniform surface, is easy to clean, and comes in a wide variety of colors. But be sure to wear protective gear, including a dust mask, before you start any project. The plastic finish on melamine is just as sharp as glass, so make sure to protect your eyes and ears when working with it.

First, prepare your surface by lightly sanding any imperfections with a piece of 220-grit sandpaper. After you have sanded, wipe down the surface with a tack cloth. Next, apply the primer to the surface, and allow it to dry for at least four hours. After the primer dries, apply the second coat of paint. This second coat doesn’t need to be sanded, so don’t worry! Melamine countertops are made of tough material.

Repainting melamine cabinets

Unless your cabinetry is made of a durable material such as melamine, it’s best to paint it without doors or drawers. This will prevent paint from getting trapped, dripping, or building up. You can also use a special paintbrush designed for melamine surfaces. However, there are several things to keep in mind when painting melamine cabinets. Use caution to avoid painting a door or drawer that will scratch or chip.

First, remember that melamine cabinets are difficult to paint. Using the wrong technique can result in uneven, unattractive results. You also need the right type of paint, which will prevent gaps and streaks from forming. Make sure to follow the directions on the paint bottle. If the paint is too thick or is too thin, it will not cover the surface properly. Therefore, you should choose a paint that is specially designed for melamine.

Is Melamine Better Than Plastic?

Is Melamine Better Than Plastic

If you’re looking for a kitchenware material that will last for years, you’ve probably considered melamine. This organic base chemical is dishwasher safe, food-safe, and durable. But, how does it compare to other plastic alternatives? Read on to learn more about this durable material. You’ll be surprised by the difference! Using a melamine bowl and dish for breakfast will have a dramatic effect on the amount of melamine you excrete in your urine.

Melamine is an organic base chemical

Melamine is a strong organic compound with the chemical formula C3H6N6. It is also known by its IUPAC name, 1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine. Melamine is used as an industrial chemical and is a component of thermoset plastics such as Formica(r).

Melamine is durable

Many people use melamine to build cabinets and other office furniture, including display counters, white boards, and more. While many types of laminates are durable, melamine is the most affordable. While this material does not splinter or chip, it is not as strong as plywood and is less expensive. This material is also available in a variety of colors and textures. Here are some benefits of using melamine:

Melamine is food safe

It has been argued that melamine is not food safe, but that does not seem to be the case. This chemical is approved for use in kitchen utensils and dishes in the United States, as well as in plastics and paper and cardboard. While melamine is not registered as a fertilizer in many parts of the world, it is commonly used in industrial coatings. However, in order to be completely safe, melamine must be properly tempered and used in the microwave and dishwasher.

Melamine is dishwasher safe

There are several benefits of using melamine dinnerware. Not only is it dishwasher-safe, it is also reusable, making it a great alternative to breakable dishes. However, there are some important considerations when using melamine in the dishwasher. For starters, avoid using abrasive sponges to clean melamine dishes. Avoid using sharp utensils and sharp cleaning tools, as this can scratch the plates.

Melamine is more sustainable than steel and glass

It is not recyclable, but melamine is more sustainable than glass and steel. The material is produced through a complex chemical reaction. A compound called melamine, which has carbon and nitrogen atoms in its ring, is used as the main component. The chemical process transforms the compound into a stable, two-dimensional sheet. It is highly durable, and it has several environmental benefits. It is not as corrosive as steel or glass, and its durability and chemical resistance makes it suitable for kitchenware.

It won’t shatter like plastic

A common industrial chemical, melamine is one of the most durable plastics available. It doesn’t shatter like plastic or leach chemicals into food. The material is made from nitrogen and is safe for food, but the FDA recommends not using it for hot foods, such as hot soups. In addition, melamine won’t biodegrade. This is one of the most common questions regarding the chemical’s safety.

It won’t biodegrade

Plastics made from melamine won’t biodegrade, but this doesn’t mean it’s not recyclable. In fact, the biodegradability of melamine depends primarily on its environment and soil. Because melamine is so slow to degrade, it can end up in hazardous waste. While scientists are working to develop chemical processes to break down melamine, it is not yet safe to use in everyday life.

Due to the following, we know that melamine is not toxic to our life, used in our daily life, melamine board, melamine cup, etc.

Fully Introduction of Furniture Papers

Furniture paper is a kind of surface decorative material for household products, belongs to an important material of furniture factory. Especially in recent years, with the trend of customized household, furniture decorative paper come into a developing trend, customized kitchen cupboard becomes more and more popular.

This change is not only for the convenience of furniture paper applied on the wood-like panels, but also for the thousands of designs of furniture paper. And furniture decorative paper also promotes environmental protection, reduces real wood grain furniture production.

office furniture with solid furniture paper

The changes in the home furnishing market will undoubtedly bring more expectations to decorative paper, and the furniture paper industry will face more and more competitors joining in, thus looking for competitive furniture decor paper products is very important. Following I will show you the main types of furniture paper in the market, from two points of design and production.

solid furniture paper wood grain paper and flower decorative paper finish foil

How to classify the type of furniture paper

The furniture decor includes wood grain veneer ( real wood grain veneer and artificial veneer), plastic film (PVC film, PET), paint and others, furniture paper is a big type of furniture decor, the based material is paper, their difference is according to the different printing and treatment technology.

How to classify the type of furniture paper is an open answer, we can classify them from different standards, different designs.

wood grain furniture paper

Printed decorative paper and impregnated film paper

Furniture surface decorative paper is a general name of all types of decor furniture paper, we can divide the furniture paper as printed decorative paper and impregnated film paper from dipped or not.

The distinguish between printed decorative paper and the impregnated film is whether it needs glue when applied on the wood-like surface.

The printed decorative paper needs white glue or wood glue when pressing on the furniture board, but the impregnated film no need glue when applied on the MDF, chipboard, etc furniture panel.

1. Printed Decorative Paper

The printed decorative paper is a kind of paper that imitates wood grain, marble, cloth and other patterns of various designs through image reproduction or artificial methods, and uses printing cylinders and color matching technology to print these designs.

Whether the surface of the paper is coated or not, printed decor furniture paper is divided into unpainted decorative paper and pre-painted decorative paper.

a. Unpainted decorative paper (Polaroid paper)

Polaroid paper is a kind of furniture printed decorative paper without surface painting, it is a kind of tissue paper with patterns printed on the surface, mainly applied for the veneer of particleboard, fiberboard, and plywood.

Adhesives are required, and finishing treatment is required after pressing.

b. Surface pre-painted decorative paper(Ornate paper)

Ornate paper is a kind of decorative furniture paper with painting, it also is a kind of tissue paper with patterns printed on the surface, mainly applied for the veneer of particleboard, MDF, and plywood.

Adhesives are required, but it doesn’t need painting after pressing, its abrasion resistance is not good, suitable for some furniture-making no need high requirement of abrasion resistance, floor surface decoration can’t use this type of furniture decor paper.

c. Surface pre-painted decorative paper ( Painted decor furniture paper)

Painted decor paper is a kind of titanium white paper with patterns printed on the paper surface, impregnated or coated with a small amount of resin, the resin content is usually 20% to 60%, the low resin content of the decorative paper is used for MDF veneer, and high content of painted furniture paper is used for edge banding.

The adhesive needs to be applied when veneer, generally no coating after veneer, the abrasion resistance is higher than that of ornate paper.

Yodean Decor provides a kind of  Finish Foil Paper, with PU coating on the surface, belongs to painted decor paper.

2. Impregnated film paper

Impregnated film paper is a resin impregnated paper made by impregnating the base paper with thermosetting synthetic resin and then drying to volatilize the solvent. The most common one is the paper impregnated with melamine resin, that is, melamine impregnated paper, also known as triamine paper.


According to different pressures, triamine paper can be divided into low-pressure triamine paper and high-pressure triamine paper.

a. Low pressures triamine paper

Low-pressure triamine paper is made of several layers of paper impregnated with melamine resin, which can be covered on the artificial board to obtain a low-pressure decorative board after hot pressing.

Low-pressure decorative wood panels don’t have many layers of impregnated paper, with features of low pressure when hot pressing, simple artwork, low cost, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, waterproof, chemical pollution resistance, has wide applications in veneer products, popular in wooden doors, custom cabinets, wardrobes, office furniture, etc.

b. High-pressure triamine paper

High-pressure triamine paper is developed for many years, this melamine paper has good performance and high brightness. But the pressure is too high when veneering and the hot pressing process is also more complicated.

The high-pressure triamine paper needs to do pressure-reduced after heating pressed and cold-pressed.

The main application of high-pressure triamine paper is a fireproof board, the surface decorative paper depends on the abrasion resistance of the fireproof board.

How to get stronger market competitiveness for furniture paper


Furniture paper belongs to the upstream sub-category, the competitiveness of furniture paper is the design and production technology.

  1. Designs of Furniture Decor Paper

The design of furniture paper depends on the pattern of household furniture, various design according to the trend of the furniture market is very important. The classic design can hold the old customers, but the new popular design can get more and more young customers, fashional design is always changing.

Therefore, the original design of decorative has competitiveness in the furniture.

Here are some designs from Yodean Decor.

1. Wood Grain Paper

wood grain paper design of furniture paper

2.Marble Furniture Paper

marble decorative paper for household

3.Textile Furniture Paper

textile furniture paper for artifical borad textile decorative paper for furniture

4. Flower Furniture Paper

flower furniture paper and metallic power

5. Solid Furniture Paper

Matt PU Coated

If you are looking for suitable furniture paper, please feel free to contact us for more details.