As a leading profession Furniture PU contact paper supplier in China, with 35  years’ experience. At present, Yodean Decor will show you the workshop of our PU foil furniture paper factory.

Production lines

YODEAN DECOR – Packing and Rewinding of the foil paper rolls

In this video, you can see the packing and rewinding of our foil contact paper rolls and melamine paper. Our factory has certain machines for the packing, it makes sure that the elasticity of the paper roll remains the same. At the same time, we also do the double-checking of the paper roll quality. Every meter of the finish foil contact paper for MDF we made, we guarantee the quality of the furniture contact paper to be good as we promised.

YODEAN DECOR – Printing Cylinders for Finish Foil Contact Paper Rolls for Furniture

In this video, you can see over thousands cylinders we have for the finish foil paper products. Since 1995 when we started the production of printed decorative paper, we have more than thousands designs so far. Woodgrain contact paper, marble contact paper, solid colors furniture paper, abstract contact furniture paper, fancy furniture paper and so on, please contact us for more designs to know.

YODEAN DECOR – Production Process of PU Coated Finish Foil Contact Paper for Furniture

In this video, you can have a glance of our production process of the PU coated finish foil contact paper. Our 6 color muliti-color printing machines can provide you with more vivid wood grain design which can compare with nature wood designs. On the other hand, we also so PU coating at the same line with printing line. PU coating improves the water resistance, oil resistance and scratch resistance.

Quality Control

YODEAN DECOR – QC in the production process

This is the QC in the production process. There will be a special person to watch it. If the furniture paper roll has any damage or black spots, it can be found immediately. It is just one process we do in the quality control, but it makes sure that every meter we send to our customer to be good as we promised.

YODEAN DECOR – Smoothness test of Printing Base Paper

Our base paper are known for its covering ability, stable color , high humidity resistance, high smoothness and high air permeablity.

This video shows how we test our raw base paper during production. Our factory is the few factories in China who can produce base paper and printed decorative paper at the same time. With our own base paper, we can control the cost during the production and with the quality control by our own, we can also make sure that the base paper is good enough for the later printing process.

YODEAN DECOR – Wear resistance of PU coated paper

Scratch resistance of PU paper is tested by special scratch tester, and scratch resistance is also a very important physical property of PU paper. In our factory, we use CS-17machine to test the scratch resistance so we can make sure that we can meet the standard. For our embossed 3D texture, we can reach the quality up to 300 cycles.