Several problems in color matching


1.The intensity of light directly affects the judgment of the color of the printed sample sheet. The intensity of light not only affects the brightness and shade of the color, but also changes the appearance of the color.

At ordinary times, we observe a light receiving cylinder. The light facing side is bright and the backlight side is dark, and the combination of light and dark is intermediate. The same object is standard color under the standard light source. If the light intensifies gradually, its tone will also change to bright hue. When the brightness is enhanced to a certain extent, any color can become white.

The reflection point of black porcelain is also white, because the light at the reflection point is concentrated and strongly reflected. In the same way, with the gradual decrease of light, all kinds of colors change to low lightness hues. When the light weakens to a certain extent, any color will turn black, because the object does not reflect any light, it is black.

The color-matching table of printing workshop must meet the requirements. Generally, the illuminance should reach about 100lx to correctly identify the color.

2.There are some differences between the color light lamp and the sunlight. In the actual production, most of them work under the illumination of the power supply, and each light source has a certain color. When observing the color under the electric light, the color change is generally the same color becomes lighter, and the complementary color becomes dark.

For example:

Under red light: red becomes light, yellow becomes orange, green turns dark, green turns dark, blue turns dark, white turns red.

Under the green light: green becomes light, green becomes light, yellow turns green yellow, red turns black, white turns green.

Under yellow light: yellow becomes light, magenta turns red, blue turns green, blue turns black, white turns yellow.

Under blue light: blue becomes light, cyan becomes dim, green turns dark, yellow turns black, white turns blue.

In the printing workshop, fluorescent lamps with higher color temperature (3500 ~ 4100k) and better color rendering coefficient are generally selected as the sample light source, but the fluorescent lamps should be slightly blue and purple.

3.If the order of observation sample and prints is different, the result will be slightly different. You will feel different when you look at a color twice, this phenomenon is called sequential color contrast reaction, the changes are as follows:

The color of eye gaze The color of latter gaze and the tendency of color change
red yellow green blue purple white
Red earthy red Green yellow Fresh green Young Blue Emerald green
Yellow Purple red Grayish yellow Dark green Fresh blue Blue purple Purplish
Green Bright red Orange Grey green Purple Purplish red Fuchsin
Blue Orange Gold Yellow green Gray blue Purplish red Light orange
Purple Orange Lemon yellow Yellow green Blue Gray purple Green and yellow

Why are there color contrast reactions? This is because the first color makes the color nerve fiber excited, and then look at other colors immediately. The other color nerves quickly excite and cause color sense, while the already excited color nerve is in the inhibition state after excitation, and then excited slowly, causing negative color reaction. Because of this kind of reaction, when we look at the latter color, we will feel a new color, which changes our actual observation of the latter color. But the change of hue is still regular, is to the complementary color of the first color changes.

We should pay attention to the above three aspects when we look at the samples, so as to ensure the stability and improvement of the quality of printing products.

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