Melamine Paper for Artificial Board

Yodean melamine paper is a kind of decorative paper for furniture wood-like plate, with advantages of waterproof, thousands of designs, anti-scratch, divided into impregnated melamine paper for the board and pre-impregnated melamine paper, the difference is only whether has the step of impregnated, and the impregnated melamine paper is more soft, easy to ship. Both of them are used for wood-like surface decoration, pressed on the surface of MDF, plywood, plastic board, chipboard, etc under the high-temperature function, this step is always operated by a pressing machine.

Impregnated Melamine Paper

Impregnate melamine paper is a decorative paper for the artificial wood-based board, applied on the surface of plywood, MDF, etc based wood, protects the based wood from wet air, living dirt, and increases the wear-resistant feature.

Pre Impreganted Melamine Paper

Besides impregnating melamine paper, Yodean Decor also provides pre-impregnated melamine paper for furniture wood-like boards. This decorative protective paper for based wood also belongs to melamine paper, it is impregnated based on the impregnate melamine paper. Hence, the pre impregnate melamine paper is hard paper like the small thick panel, not roll by roll, its shipment is not easy the same as the impregnated melamine film.

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