Our Factory – Dawei

Dawei Decorative was started with a fabric quilt machine in a small house in 1985s, with only USD 1200 initial funds. With 36 years’ development and expansion,Da Wei becomes a modern group company with 40 million in sales revenue every year. In the past 36 years, Da Wei improved the management and quality control systems, enhancing production quantity and quality of furniture paper, melamine paper, PVC edge banding, and PVC film.

dawei decorative factory

Dawei Decorative Factory

Here are details of our development, you can know more about Da Wei in the following.

  • In 1985s, the first fabric quilt cover business started in a small house with only USD 1200 initial funds.
  • In 2002s, the company passed ISO9001 Quality Systems Certification and ISO Environmental Management Systems Certification.

Da Wei pays attention to quality control and the sustainable use of resources, we not only pursue the quality production of decorative furniture paper,  but also we stay grateful for the natural gift, we have our environmental management in the production of foil finished wood paper.

foil finish furniture paper production line

Foil Finish Furniture Paper Production Line

finish foil paper production

Finish Foil Paper Production

quality control of decor paper

Quality Control of Decor Paper

  • In the 2007s, the company developed the industrial Waste Gas Recovery Unit, this development has reached the national standards, such as Q/DWZ 002-2007, and granted patent. Da Wei has a new improvement in environmental protection, we hope we both produce the furniture contact paper and protect the nature well also.
RTO exhaust gas recovery device for eco treatment of decorative paper mabufacturing

RTO Exhaust Gas Recovery Device For Eco Treatment of Decorative Paper Manufacturing

Finish foil paper production line

Finish Foil Paper Production Line

RTO exhaust gas recovery-device for eco treatment of decorative paper manufacturing

RTO Exhaust Gas Recovery

  • In 2009s, the company has become the leader in decorative material sectors, we developed 6000 designs and more than 3000 colors. We are committed to developing wood grain contact paper, solid contact paper, fancy foil paper, etc for our customers, keep with the changeable of furniture decoration, help our customer boom their furniture business.
based furniture production line

Based Furniture Production Line

raw material decorative paper

Raw Mmaterial Ddecorative Paper

decorative paper showroom

Decorative Paper Showroom