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♣ Yodean Decor Decorative Laminate Papers for Furniture ♣

Yodean Decor is a leading professional furniture paper manufacturer, furniture paper supplier in China, providing kinds of environmental protective furniture decoration surface for furniture factories from the world.

Moreover, Yodean always keeps promoting our PU-coated paper worldwide, hoping to decrease tree felling accidents.

Foil finish is a decorative paper for wood-like surface, manufactured to replace real wood furniture at a cost-effective price, Coated with PU layer. Da Wei factory is committed to manufacturing wood-like contact paper foil finish not only looks like real wood but also same touching feel too.


Foil finished paper is a new trend for the surface decoration of furniture panels, with advantages of excellent resistance, eco-friendly, easy to work, and diversified patterns, and more. PU coated foil finish contact paper is non-self-adhesive, use eco-friendly glue to stick them on the MDF, chipboard, plywood, metal PVC and PU board surface, such as wood glue or white glue, moreover, the foil paper is a kind of finished furniture paper with PU coating on the surface. no need to paint again after sticking.

Foil finished furniture paper is combined with the advantages of melamine paper and ornate paper, is an eco-friendly decorative paper for furniture board, no chemical material, no pungent smell, no harm for health.

1000m, 1250m, 2000m and 2500m  in one roll, also accept customized size in bulk. Application temperature is range 50-100 degree, manual working and heat press machine both are available.


Melamine paper is a kind of laminate paper with a certain resin and volatile, divides into impregnated melamine paper and pre-impregnated melamine paper.

Pre-impregnated melamine paper is known as decorative paper which bases paper with the help of rotating gravure cylinders. It finds use in this way on furniture and flooring surfaces as well as interior installations. The result is delivered to wood-based panel manufacturers, which use it for the surface embellishment of their products. Produced in wood grain, stone, and fantasy designs, our decor paper finds use in this way on furniture and flooring surfaces as well as interior installations.

Impregnated melamine paper is also known as decorative paper and Titanium Oxide Paper. It has wood grain designs on the surface and is widely used on the surface on particle boards and MDF. It doesn’t need adhesive when attaching them to the board surface. Usually, it is pressed on boards surface by hot press machines. With its high scratch resistance, it is often used in lamination flooring and HPL.

As a laminate decorative paper for MDF such as furniture panels, melamine paper has competitive rice and a good decorative effect.


The PVC edge banding is always used with furniture contact paper, to decorate a better overall effect of furniture. In the furniture decoration market, the wood grain furniture paper is one of the popular contact papers, so the popular PCV edge banding is wood grain edge banding too, especial for maple edge banding and walnut edge banding.

PVC edge banding can seal the furniture panel interspace, protect the furniture better from environmental resistance such as wet air and other liquid dirt, thus the furniture can serve you for more time.

wood grain embossed pvc edge banding
PVC wood grain paper wallpaper kitchen cabinet wardrobe font b bookcase b font furniture eco friendly


PVC film structure is a special structure system that is different from the traditional structure. The membrane material is not only the structural bearing component but also the roof enclosure material. At the same time, the membrane material itself is quite good decorative material.

PVC film has two types of self-adhesive and not adhesive, the self-adhesive PVC film is always used for modification of vehicle body or furniture modification, and other home decoration. For the not adhesive PVC film, can be used for furniture panel decorative paper.

The PVC film suitable for indoor decoration and furniture making industry, can be applied for surface decoration of the door frame/window frame/plywood/cabinet/desk and PVC wood.

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Common FAQ about Yodean Furniture Paper Products

Yodean Decor is a trading company from Dawei, we both produce and sell the furniture paper by ourselves.

Thus we have the ability to accept customized design and give you the best service from production to delivery. We’d like you to come here to visit our factory.

We provide melamine paper, foil paper, edge banding, and PVC film, you can choose the suitable one according to your applications.

General Price:

Our price is according to the requirement of the paperweight, surface coating, and designs.

For example, synchronized paper is more expensive than solid paper.

Hence, we only can show you a price range.

Finish Foil Paper Price: 0.185 USD/meter – 0.5 USD/meter.

Melamine Paper Price: 3 USD/kg – 3.5 USD/kg.

If you want to know the detailed price, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Yodean decor is always in developing kinds of furniture paper, foil paper is our main popular furniture laminate paper, used to decorate and protect the surface of kinds of the artificial board.

PU foil paper has good features in abrasion resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, stain resistance, environmentally friendly.

The best furniture paper in resistance is the 3D PU foil paper, with both excellent decoration and durable feature.

Yodean furniture paper is used for wood-like surfaces, applied in a bedroom set, floor, cupboard, gate, door, wardrobes, etc.

Non-toxic, non-radioactive, chemical stability.

Yes, we do.

For OEM service, we will ask for some budget to make cylinder set for your production. And deposit before production, for more details, you can contact us, we will arrange a sale to serve you.

Generally, the furniture decorative paper is laminate on the MDF such as artificial board by machine, but our PU foil finish paper has a wide range temperature acceptable in 50 degrees -100 degrees, therefore it can be laminated by both manual work and machine.

Yes, you can.

You can supply paint on the laminate paper to increase the protective layer or increase the glossy surface.

Clear paint or gloss paint.

Laminate paper is laminated on the surface of composite by press machine after applying hot melt adhesive, then produced as furniture.

Laminate paper is resistant to water, with good stickiness resistance.

A kitchen is a place where always have water, oil, etc liquid dirt. Hence, the kitchen needs an anti-dirt cupboard very much, and the laminate paper has good dirt resistance feature, easy to clean, when it combinates with the furniture, it would be a perfect ideal cupboard for kitchen.

There are many laminate papers on the market, you can choose the suitable one according to yourself.

You can choose from the list below:

Polaroid paper

Polaroid paper (imitation solid wood grain) needs to paint transparent clear oil (environmentally friendly resin) on the paper. The imitation solid wood effect is more realistic. The whole processing process is cold processing, basically there is no peculiar smell, and the board is not easily deformed.

This type of paper is not finished paper, needs painting again after heat pressing.

Finished Foil

Finished foil is finished paper for substrate based board, with PU coating on the surface, no need painting again after finish the applying.

Meanwhile, the finish foil has strict production process, need to be dried in an oven at 50°C for at least 72 hours after printing to achieve the best physical properties.

The purpose of baking is to make the propionic acid resin and curing agent better glue.

Thus, If you choose finish foil, you can produce your furniture easier, simplify the whole process. But the only you need to do is choose a professional finish foil PU paper manufacturer, to get quality finish paper foil.

Melamine paper

Melamine paper is made of the printed decorative paper that impregnated with melamine glue, then heat press on the based board by heat pressing machine.

Due to the high requirement to the flatness of the substrate surface of the board, the melamine paper is usually applied for the surface finish of particleboard and medium density fiberboard.

This kind of board after melamine pressing and veneer is usually called melamine board, with strong surface texture, good wear-resistance, scratch resistance and waterproof, suitable for production and is mainly used for panel furniture manufacturing.

Hot melt adhesive, such as white gule, wood adhesive.

Yes, it is.

The durable feature of laminate furniture is according to the surface layer – laminate paper.

Generally, laminate paper such as finish foil has a coating on the surface, with good resistance,  you need to maintain the finished surface as usual, which can enhance the service life of laminate furniture.

This durable and versatile material is typically made of layers of melamine or heavy-duty paper that are pressed together to form a thick, rigid veneer.

This layer is then covered with a decorative layer. The printers that create laminate paper can print any type of pattern, design, or color on the material.

The final product is finished with a protective clear coating that protects it from wear and tear.

Paper that has been laminated provides superior color quality.

The process prevents the ink from spreading and creates crisper colors.

It also provides a rigidity similar to that of a credit card, which makes it easier to handle.

Generally, a ten-millimeter film is used to laminate paper. It is an extremely durable material that is ideal for frequent handling. Encapsulation uses no adhesives and is more suited for long-term protection.

Wood grain finish foil has PU coating on the surface, no need to paint again after installed as furniture. But the laminate polaroid paper needs painting again on the surface.

Clean with mild dish soap.

Laminate paper on the kitchen cabinets has an anti-dirty feature, no need to use abrasive cleaning products like vinegar or baking soda to remove dirt, mild dish soap is enough.

Hardwood is more expensive than laminate, the harder the hardwood, the more expensive it is.

Yes, It is.

The finished foil has a waterproof feature, can be applied to furniture in the kitchen, with excellent resistance.

Vinyl film is more experience than laminate film, widely used for car wrapping, wallpaper, etc, can be DIY by yourself.

Laminate paper is used for the based board, which is used for furniture makers or photo frame makers, cheaper than vinyl film.

Laminate flooring is made using adhesive, which releases formaldehyde gas.

Over formaldehyde gas is toxic to people. Thus it is important to choose quality laminate paper to comply with a standard.