Solid Furniture Decor Paper

Solid color contact paper foil paper is a kind of PU coated texture embossed paper, this texture embossed paper is coated by PU material twice. The second coating provides based decorative paper an embossed grain to make the surface dimensional and much more scratching proof. with different combinations of painting and coating, it develops more change on color and design, except for simple solid color finish foil paper, also has super high gloss contact paper and synchronous wood grain contact paper.

solid white contact paper

Solid White Contact Paper Foil Finish

solid black contact paper

Solid Black Contact Paper Foil Finished

Solid finish foil paper combines with the advantages of ornate paper and melamine paper, with PU coating and good resistance feature, no harmful substance material and unpleasant smell, very eco-friendly. This woodgrain foil finish paper is pasted on the furniture board using white glue or wood glue under the temperature of 50-100 degrees, always used for MDF, plywood, and particleboard surface decoration and protection.

This foil PU paper no need painting again, can be applied on the furniture board directly, working temperature is range 50-100 degrees, personal working and press machine working is both available, with better quality than the traditional furniture paper,  can save the labor cost and get a premium surface effect on the furniture decoration, it means you can apply more cost for the quality through reducing the labor cost, this is a cost-effective business.

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