impregnated paper laminated board for wholesale

Why multi-layer composite wood flooring?

The multi-layer composite wood flooring also is named impregnated paper laminated wood floor, with good resistance features and good stable features.

impregnated paper laminated board

Advantages of impregnated paper laminated wood floor

1. Wear resistance

The impregnated paper laminated wood floor has a good water resistance feature, about 10-30 times of ordinary varnished flooring,

2. Beautiful Design

The impregnated paper can be designed in various wood-grain designs, patterns, and colors.

3. Stable characteristics

The multi-layer composite wood floor completely breaks up the original wood structure, destroys the natural feature of real wood that easy to change the shape and volume by wet or over the dry environment, which we called wet expansion and shrinkage.

In addition, the multi-layer composite board also has the advantages of impact resistance, antistatic, pollution resistance, light resistance, cigarette burn resistance, easy installation, and simple maintenance.

Make summary, there are many advantages and disadvantages of multi-layer composite wood flooring, including that it cannot be repaired after the blisters are damaged, and the foot feel is relatively poor.

In particular, it should be noted that in the past, a dealer said that the laminate flooring is a waterproof floor, which is aimed at the surface is mainly produced, but in fact, the laminate floor cannot be soaked by water.

Multi-layer composite wood floor life

The service life of a multi-layer composite wood floor is about three years. If it is properly maintained during use, the service life can be prolonged.

In addition, the service of the floor is not only for use, but also the installation is more important. The quality of installation and accessories will directly affect the normal service life of the floor.

How to maintain the multi-composite wood floor

impregnated paper laminated board for wholesale

1. Multi-layer composite floors can be wiped clean with a vacuum cleaner and a rag at ordinary times.

The rag can be half dry. If there is more stubborn dirt, you need to clean it first, and then wipe it with a neutral detergent.

2. If you accidentally sprinkle chemical reagents, preservatives, etc. on the multilayer composite floor, you must wipe it clean immediately, otherwise the floor may turn white or cause the floor to be corroded.

3. If termites appear on the multilayer composite floor, use insecticide It can be sprayed with the agent.

In addition, it should be noted that strong light is easy to crack the floor, especially in summer.

4. When moving the furniture, it is best to lift all the furniture to move. You can not push or pull the furniture on the floor. You can add soft cushions on the legs and feet of the furniture. In addition, if there are heavy objects such as refrigerators and pianos in the house, you can also add them. The protective pad shares the weight.

 The thickness of multi-layer composite wood floor

1. The multi-layer composite floor is based on multi-layer plywood, and the surface layer is hardwood veneer or sliced ​​veneer, which is made by hot pressing with glue.

The number of plywood in the base layer must be It is single, usually seven or nine layers.

The surface layer is hardwood surface board, most of which are colored wood, oak wood, birch, etc.

The thickness is generally 3.0/4.0 mm, and the sliced ​​board is 1.2/~2.2 mm. The total thickness generally does not Will exceed 15 mm.

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