solid wood grain cabinet

How to choose cabinet board?

Cabinet board has various types on the supermarket, which one is better and which type is suitable for your demands. I think this question annoyed many people who want to decorate their new house or replace new cabinet for the old one. Here I will introduce the types of cabinet board and show your their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can choose the suitable one by yourself.

What are the types of cabinet plates?

Cabinet board has many types on the market, made of different materials: real wood board, blister board, fireproof board and paint plate, ans steel stainless board. Different material gives cabinet different features, which will influence our life too. Let’s review that material firstly as below:

  1. Real wood board for cabinet

solid wood grain cabinet

Real wood has natural wood texture, popular with some consumers who like the classic decorative styles.

At present, the real wood boards are divided into two types: one is a real wood panel composed of pieces of natural wood, the other one is the artificial board which is formed by press the left wood materials and paste some decorative wood grain paper on the surface. The second wood panel is to decorate the furniture paper on the MDF under high temperature & high pressure.

  1. Blister board

Blister board cabinet with white pvc film

The blister board is component of PVC plastic vinyl film and artificial intensity fiberboard. Its principle is to put the PVC vinyl film on five sides of the fiberboard by professional film pressing machine, generally the back side is no film on the surface. This type of cabinet board has excellent decorative vision, but its temperature resistance is limited, you should avoid high temperature on the cabinet.


  1. Fireproof board

Fireproof board is a traditional panel for cabinets, became a main trend in the past. It is made of particle board or density board as the base material, fireproof rubber board as the veneer, and processed by pressing and covering.

The advantages of a fireproof board are its colorful design, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, and abrasion resistance.

  1. Paint plate

paint plate cabinet

The painted plate has a smooth surface, good brightness, and easy maintenance. But its paint surface hardness is generally not good, so it can not withstand the scratch of hard objects, and it is also difficult to repair afterward.

The surface processes of the painted door panels are diverse, such as UV baking varnish, double-sided baking varnish, piano baking varnish, glass baking varnish, etc.

  1. Steel stainless board

The characteristic of stainless steel is that it is not easy to corrode and age, it will not swell when exposed to water, and its performance is very stable. There is no problem after decades of use. Many people have a certain misunderstanding of stainless steel cabinets. They feel that stainless steel cabinets have a single shape and it is difficult to match the overall style of decoration. However, with the continuous development of stainless steel cabinets, the shapes are ever-changing to meet your needs for different decoration styles.

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