furniture paper for composite wood floor

How to maintain the composite wood floor?

furniture paper for composite wood floor

1. The humidity in the room should not be too high.

2. Keep the floor dry and smooth.

3. Avoid the composite wood to touch the organic material, thus you need to use a wrung cotton mop to clean the composite wood floor. Do not use organic solvents such as acids, alkaline solvents, or gasoline to wipe. And don’t place the strong acid and heat on the floor.

4. Don’t scratch the floor with metal sharps, glass tiles, shoe spikes, and other hard objects, otherwise, it will damage the gloss of the paint surface.

5. Don’t put the open flame or the electric heater that amplifies the power on the floor.

6. To keep the beauty of composite wood, you’d better use liquid maintenance to wipe it once a year. Please clean the composite wood before maintain, then apply the maintenance liquid on the surface evenly, wipe the composite wood with a soft cloth after minutes.

7. To avoid direct sunshine on the composite wood floor, otherwise it will age or crack in advance.

8. Please remove the liquid dirt immediately, if the liquid dirt comes into the composite wood, it will damage the floor.

9. It is necessary to wax the floor after a certain period of time for maintenance, which can enhance the service life of composite wood.

10. After wiping the floor, if the weather permits, you can open the doors and windows to let the air in to dry out the composite wood early.

11. It is best to wear cloth slippers as much as possible, of course, barefoot is the best. If the wear-resistant layer of the composite wood floor is damaged, the moisture-proof function and brightness of the floor will be affected

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