Why Choose Eco friendly Plates for Children

Why Choose Eco-friendly Plates for Children?

If you have kids in your family, you need to pay attention to home decoration,  avoiding the formaldehyde decorative material to affect the health of kids.

Why Choose Eco friendly Plates for Children

Why does formaldehyde hurt the health of children?

Improper selection of decorative material will cause more serious damage to the children, the weight of formaldehyde is heavier than air,  therefore the excessive formaldehyde mainly collects within 1.5 meters above the floor, which happed to the main breathing zone of children.

Children’s body cells are active and their metabolism is faster, thus children need twice as air as an adult when they breathe in a quiet.

In other words, an environment with excessive formaldehyde is more harmful to children.

The damages of formaldehyde

1. It affects the development of children and may cause the decline of children’s intelligence.

The younger the child, the more vulnerable it is. The kids’ physical development is not yet mature, their epidemic prevention system needs to be slowly established during the growth process, and their ability to resist external harm is weaker than adults. Even with small formaldehyde pollution, adults can rely on their own resistance to resolve, but children cannot.

The younger the child, the lower the resistance, the more protection is needed.

2. Formaldehyde pollution has greatly increased the risk of children suffering from diseases.

Children are currently a high-risk population of leukemia.

Besides low resistance, formaldehyde is the main cause of disease.

Children have different hematological characteristics from adults, such as children are growing up, their hematopoietic function is unstable, and their hematopoietic reserves are poor; children’s hematopoietic organs are susceptible to infection and are prone to nutritional deficiencies.

According to relevant statistics, 90% of children with leukemia are related to decoration pollution. Excessive formaldehyde can cause blood diseases in children, and the serious case is leukemia.

3. Excessive formaldehyde will increase the incidence of childhood asthma.

Studies by health experts have shown that when the concentration of indoor formaldehyde reaches 0.06-0.07 mg in cubic meters of air, children may have asthma.

The World Health Organization announced that: 100,000 people worldwide die of asthma due to air pollution each year, accounting for the entire 35% of asthma cases.

According to the investigation by the medical department, formaldehyde pollution is the main reason for the increase in asthma in children aged 3-5. The prevalence rate of children in China is 2%-5%, and children aged 1-5 suffer the proportion of the disease is as high as 85%. The main factor that causes asthma in preschool children and elementary school students is indoor formaldehyde pollution in homes and preschool education places.

4. Formaldehyde pollution can cause congenital abnormalities in newborns and changes in fetal chromosomes.

A recent study by an American medical institution shows that indoor air pollution can harm the fetus in the womb of pregnant women.

Pregnant women who inhale formaldehyde-polluted air have an increase in persistent genetic mutations in their newborns by approximately 50% compared to normal levels. In recent years in China, the total incidence of birth defects in newborns is 1.3%, accounting for about 4%-6% of the total number of births each year, and the total number of newly increased children with congenital disabilities is as high as 800,000 to 1.2 million each year.

5. Formaldehyde problems cause neonatal heart

Pregnant women inhale polluted air during pregnancy, children born in the future are more likely to suffer from heart diseases. Pregnant women living in heavily polluted air, their children suffer from heart disease The probability of illness is three times that of a child born to a pregnant woman who breathes fresh air. Long-term exposure to low-concentration formaldehyde in newborns may also cause chronic respiratory diseases, promote the decline of the newborn’s physical fitness, and cause heart disease in children.

6. Other physical symptoms

Formaldehyde pollution can cause children’s nasopharyngeal discomfort, cough, asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. It can also cause children’s skin allergies, cornea, conjunctival congestion, and inflammation; severe pollution can cause children’s nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal Dysfunction. The effects of formaldehyde on human health are mainly manifested in abnormal smell, irritation, allergies, abnormal lung function, abnormal liver function, abnormal immune function, etc., and it is more harmful to children.

The hazard of formaldehyde is related to the health of every child, and it also affects the happy life of a family. Thus, choose an eco-friendly plate for home decoration is necessary.

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