Painted Veneer VS Paint-free Board

Painted Veneer VS Paint-free Board

Paint veneer and paint-free board are used for furniture, door or flooring production, applied for home decoration. For the difference between a painted veneer and a paint-free plate, you can follow the list of things.

Painted Veneer VS Paint-free Board

Paint-free board

What is the paint-free board?

Paint-free board is made of veneer and decorative finished paper, used for furniture installation and flooring. In terms of the good resistance features and excellent decorative function of decorative finish paper, the veneer with finished paper no need to paint again for good resistance and surface protection.

Why paint-free board?

Paint-free board is a kind of board for furniture or flooring making, no need to paint again after construction. You will know more about the paint-free boards from the following feature lists.

Less formaldehyde

Paint-free has a coating layer on the surface, no need to paint after installing as furniture or flooring, reduce the formaldehyde content in the board.

The painting can decorate the veneer and protect the surface of the veneer, but painting for the artificial board contains the most amount of the formaldehyde in the component of the veneer. Therefore, the paint-free board makes a big sense in terms of health and is eco-friendly.

Good resistance

Finish paper has good resistance because of its multi-layer combination, therefore, the paint-free board not only has a superior decoration but also has good resistance.

Superior decoration

There are many types of finished paper in the market, all of them have colorful patterns, can decorate your furniture well when combined with plywood, particleboard, or MDF.

The most popular design on the market is wood grain, thus finish decorative paper develops kinds of wood grain design for selection.

Cheap price

The popular finished paper contains melamine paper, ornate paper, and finish foil paper.

Whatever melamine paper or finish foil paper, compare with the real solid wood grain board, the furniture factory spends less cost to produce MDF, plywood and applying finished paper on them.

No need for maintenance

Painted veneer needs to maintain regularly, but the paint-free plate not need to maintain, its service life depends on the lifespan of decorative paper.

Painted veneer

Paint veneer has a high usage rate, can paint wood grain primer to maintain regularly, with long service life.

Paint veneer is a cost-effective board, many people generally choose paint veneer because of the consideration of controlling the decoration budget.

The difference between paint-free board and painted veneer

  1. Harmful material: The biggest advantage of a paint-free board is environmental protection. It has not been painted directly. Therefore, it has not been directly exposed to harmful substances such as formaldehyde.


  1. Service Life: Painted veneer has a longer service life than the paint-free board.

The paint veneer has the repairable feature, but the paint-free board can’t repair if damage, therefore, the painted veneer has a longer life span than the paint-free plate.


  1. Price: About the price of paint-free board and painted veneer, it depends on the based board and surface decoration.

For example, the price of a paint-free board is according to the surface decor paper and based board. The price of the painted veneer is according to the primer price and based board.

In summary, these two types of the board have their advantages and disadvantages, hope you can choose a suitable board according to your situation.

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