wood grain multi layer board

wood grain multi layer board

1. Multi-layer board price

As people pay more and more attention to the environment, it has become imperative to save wood when making all kinds of furniture. The emergence of multi-layer board has greatly improved the utilization rate of wood, and since its entry into the market, multi-layer board has quickly become one of the common materials used in the production of furniture.

At present, the price of multi-layer boards sold in the market mainly depends on the production of raw materials, the thickness of the board, strength and aesthetics of the multi-layer board and other factors. In general, the specification of each multi-layer board is mostly 1220×2440mm, and the thicker and more beautiful the multi-layer board made of the same raw material, the higher the price. Among them, the more common thickness of multi-layer board as follows: 3mm, 5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm and the thickness of 18mm or more multi-layer board. Common wood grain color is poplar multilayer class \ poplar.

The price of the multi-layer board mainly depends on the thickness, quality and size of the product. In general, thicker and more beautiful multi-layer boards made of the same raw material, the higher price. Among them, the most common thickness of multi-layer board as follows: 3mm 5mm 9mm 12mm 15mm 18mm.

The common wood color is white or yellowish brown, which is similar to the color of birch and pine. The popular wood grain designs covers: American cherry wood, Black walnut, Red oak, White oak, ash, Sand Billy, African, walnut, Brazilian rosewood, Peach blossom core, Northeast China ash, West nan pestle.
In the autumn of woodThe most common application is for furniture production. Poplar has excellent self-insulating properties and good dimensional stability, so it can be used as a core material with high density, such as particleboard and medium density fiberboard.

popular multi layer board wood grain design

Now there are many kinds of multi-layer boards in the market, such as poplar, birch and so on. The price of different types of wood is different. The most common poplar multi-layer board is the color of poplar, which has a uniform grain and a light color. The appearance of this type of poplar board is not very bright, but it is easy to be stained with some stains.

2. Multi-layer board advantages and disadvantages

Healthy and environmentally friendly multilayer board, in the panel forming process to avoid the use of more liquid glue, formaldehyde exists in the liquid glue, so, multilayer board is more environmentally friendly and healthier than plywood. Multi-layer panels are made of thin veneer of solid wood arranged vertically and horizontally, through several processes such as cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding, and permaculture.

The unique production process and raw material selection of multi-layer boards determine their unique quality. In fact, multi-layer panels are composed of two parts: a solid wood top layer and a solid wood base layer.

Multi-layer board but compared to the expensive price of solid wood panels, multi-layer board is more affordable, solid wood now also exists deformation, cracking with two major phenomena, multi-layer board longitudinal glue, after high temperature and pressure, from the internal stress to solve the deformation of solid wood panels, cracking two major shortcomings.

Multi-layer board surface is selected high-quality wood after drying, fat removal, health several processes after slicing and made, the surface should not have decay, dead knots, insect holes, cracks, skin and other defects, but for small live knots, color difference can not be too demanding, because this is the natural properties of wood. In some places the moisture content of multi-layer solid wood panels is generally 5%-14%.

Multi-layer board is suitable for use as a variety of furniture, environmental protection is better than particle board. Only the multi-layer board blister damage is not repairable and the footing is poorer.

Multi-layer board than other materials is the need to take care of care, usually also pay attention to love, waterproof, hot and sunlight; multi-layer resources are becoming less and less, the price is getting higher and higher, subject to environmental hardness easy to deformation.

3. Multi-layer board and particle board which is good

1, solid wood multi-layer board can also be called plywood, is a longitudinal and horizontal arrangement of multi-layer board as the substrate, select the precious wood for the panel, after coating resin glue in the hot press through high temperature and pressure made. His advantages are.

Not easy to deformation and cracking, dry shrinkage and expansion system is very small, regulate the room temperature and humidity. But whether it is to do cabinet cabinet material, the market price of solid wood multi-layer board is relatively moderate, if the price is high need to pay attention to, low also need to consider the quality of it.

2, compared to solid wood particle board to do the cabinet cabinet, solid wood multi-layer board is relatively more resistant to some pressure. But the same can reach the European standard E1 level, solid wood particle board is also enough, and cost-effective! It is made of brand new logs directly broken, after the application of adhesive in the role of pressure glued into the wood board. With the characteristics of non-polluting moisture-resistant flame retardant, while retaining the original structure of the wood, nail grip is very strong.

3, to professional analysis of solid wood particle board to do the cabinet is a good choice, do an experiment, multi-layer board, particle board, joinery board while soaking in water will be found, multi-layer board has the problem of ply, in the kitchen such a place with more water and gas, it is easy to cause the box to change shape, the South generally use the Dew River solid wood particle board more.

Multi-layer board thickness multi-layer board is made of three or more layers of solid wood veneer or thin board about a millimeter glue paste hot pressing, common three plywood, five plywood, nine plywood and twelve plywood (commonly known as three plywood, five percent board, nine percent board, twelve percent board), good structural strength, good stability. Plywood contains a large amount of glue, construction to do a good job of edge sealing treatment, day to reduce pollution.

Plywood is mainly used for decorative panels of the backboard, board furniture backboard and other wood products process. The length and width specifications of multi-layer board are the same as those of construction template, basically: 1220×2440mm, while the thickness specifications are generally: 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18mm, etc. The main species of surface decorative paper wood grain design are: mountain camphor, willow press, poplar, eucalyptus, etc.

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