What is Foil Finish?

What Is the Furniture Foil Paper?

The melamine paper vs PU foil furniture paper.

The melamine paper vs PU coated finish foil furniture paper.   Almost all of the people regarding the melamine as toxic material. Actually, melamine is a sort of chemical material be applied for the field with coating, laminate, binder, paint remover, textile, paper, leather tanning, flame retardant. Any chemical material can not be used for food additive […]

How to use YD furniture contact paper on boards?

How to use YD furniture contact paper on boards? Furniture with paper stick on the surface, as the name implies, is a kind of furniture which is made of panels with furniture paper sticking on it. Wood grain contact paper for furniture surface is different from solid wood or veneer, however it also has natural […]

3D embossed Effect

What are the details of PU paper?