wholesale solid finish foil paper

Can you paint foil finish cabinets?

Foil finish cabinet is installed by foil finish board, which is made of foil finish decorative paper and wood-based artificial board.

The foil finish paper is a kind of finish paper, with PU coating on the surface, has good resistance features, no need to paint again after sticking on the top of the board.

Of course, if small quantity painting, you can spray a little transparent paint on the matte foil finish paper to enhance the surface effect.

For more details about foil finish is no need to paint, you can get the answer about the production of a foil finish.

wholesale solid finish foil paper

The production introduction of foil finish


The raw material of foil finish paper is decorative printed paper and PU oil, PU oil is acrylic resin and curing agent.


30 grams decorative paper as an example in below:


Preparation. Use casein, water, styling agent and alcohol as raw materials to prepare casein emulsion and store it for later use;


Coating. Inject the casein emulsion prepared in step one into the coating machine, guide 30 grams of base paper to the coating machine, and coat the back of the 30 grams of base paper with casein emulsion to prepare shaped paper;


Printing. To guide the shaped paper to the printing machine, print on the front of the shaped paper to make printing paper, and place the shaped paper on the conveyor belt during the printing process. The printing process is carried by the conveyor belt. Effectively prevent paper breakage;


Drying. The printing paper is guided to the drying box, and dried to obtain 30 grams of decorative paper.

30 grams of paper produced by paper coating and shaping, modified process, made of wood pulp and fillers, water-based, environmentally friendly, organic and green, beneficial to human health, accurate overprinting, anti-wrinkle, and each performance is better than the existing There are 70-80g of similar products, and the quantity of 30g decorative paper per ton is about 9500. The quantity is large and the cost is low.

The imported wood pulp required can be reduced by 55%, which reduces deforestation. The air permeability of 30 grams of decorative paper is improved, and 100ml of water can be completely penetrated by vacuum in 13-20 seconds.

In the production process of 30 grams of decorative paper, it can be guided through the drying box at 120-160°C and 150-200 m/min. The drying temperature is low and the drying speed is faster.

The specific preparation process of step one is: inject 10-20 parts of water and 7-12 parts of alcohol into the reactor according to the mass parts, then put in 65-75 parts of casein and stir to dissolve, and then add 3-7 parts of setting agent , Stir evenly to prepare casein emulsion. The casein emulsion produced by the above steps can better increase the strength of 30 grams of base paper, which is beneficial to shape the printing ink, and makes the overprinting accurate and wrinkle-resistant.

To press and paste. To guide the 30 grams of decorative paper from step four to the hot press at a temperature of 150-170°C, press and paste for 15-25 seconds; step six, cut the board, and cut the pressed board in step five; The above steps facilitate the direct application of 30 grams of decorative paper.

Difficulty during processing

After printing, in order to achieve the best physical properties, the foil finish needs to be baked in an oven at 50 degree for at least 72 hours. The purpose of baking is to fast the process of the combination of acrylic resin and curing agent.

Not enough baking time and over content of PU coating will make the PU foil finish paper occurs base paper fiber or sticky paper.

In summary:

The foil finish paper needs to be dipped in acrylic resin and baking enough time to increase the strength and resistance. Therefore, it is no need to paint in the following steps.

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