Melamine paper plates; melamine paper board

What is fiberboard?

When you are ready to decorate your house, you will get so much information about kinds of furniture, sometimes, you can’t choose your favorite furniture because of the budget, and know more information about furniture board, whether it includes toxic material, formaldehyde…

Melamine paper plates; melamine paper board

Here I will introduce you to fiberboard, this is used for panel-type furniture, which looks simple and cost-effective, but we also need to know what is fiberboard, and whether harmful to your health. I will introduce fiberboard from these three questions:

what material is fiberboard?

Does fiberboard have formaldehyde?

Fiberboard specifications and prices.


  1. What material is fiberboard?

Fiberboard, also known as density board,  is a kind of artificial board made from wood fiber or other plant fiber (such as bamboo, reed, wheat straw, etc.) through slicing, pulping, forming, drying and hot pressing.

Raw material

Detailed, MDF is a man-made board made of branch wood, small diameter wood, fast-growing wood, bamboo and other plant materials such as limited wood resources. The utilization of MDF reduces wood usage,  good for comprehensive forestry sustainable development.

Resign and Additive for production

Besides the wood fiber, the MDF production also needs to add with urea-formaldehyde resin or other synthetics resin, sometimes needs additives to improve the characteristics of the board. And finally, all material will become a board with a density in the range of 0.50 – 0.88g/cm3 under heating and pressure.


MDF is a homogeneous porous material with good acoustic performance, suitable for making sound boxes, TV sets and musical instruments.

As a replacement for natural wood, the MDF also can be used in ships, vehicles, sports equipment, floors, wall panels, partition boards, etc, with advantages of low cost, sample processing and more economical than natural wood.

Does fiberboard have formaldehyde?

Yes, MDF contains formaldehyde.

In the process of fiberboard, it needs to use the adhesive to process the sawdust into the board by high-temperature extrusion.

The adhesive contains formaldehyde, thus urea resin contains formaldehyde too. Urea resin is the raw material of MDF, therefore,  the MDF contains formaldehyde too.

Formaldehyde exists in the adhesive, it has strong adhesion, can strengthen the hardness of board, prevent insects and corrosion, and is cheap too. All advantages of formaldehyde make it become the best raw material selection for adhesive.

Formaldehyde emission

As we all know, formaldehyde is harmful to our health, thus the fiberboard has formaldehyde emission standards – E1 and E2.

Fiberboard mainly detects formaldehyde emission and structural strength. And fiberboard is divided into E1 and E2 grades according to formaldehyde emission.


Thus you need to pay attention to the formaldehyde emission when you want to choose fiberboard furniture. Of course, you can place some potted plants in the new decorative house, and please don’t live immediately.

Fiberboard specifications and prices

Fiberboard specifications:

In the market, there are two kinds of fiberboards: low-density fiberboard and medium-density fiberboard.

Generally, medium-density fiberboard is used, with the thickness of 15mm and 18mm, which are suitable for wardrobes and bookshelves, and 3-5mm is used for non-load-bearing boards, such as drawer bottoms.

Fiberboard is characterized by low density, easy moisture, large processing dust, and easy cracking in longitudinal processing (such as screwing, opening holes, etc.). If there is no bench saw or bench drill, DIY fiberboard is not recommended.

Classification of fiberboard:

1. Divided by density: wood fiberboard and non-wood fiberboard.

2. According to manufacturing methods: wet fiberboard and dry fiberboard.

3. Divided by density: high-density fiberboard, medium density fiberboard and low-density fiberboard.

Among them, medium density fiberboard is the most used fiberboard.

Fiberboard price:

There is no specific standard for the price of fiberboard, which is determined according to the density and size of fiberboard. Fiberboard is divided into uncompressed fiberboard, medium density fiberboard and high-density fiberboard.

The price of non-compressed fiberboard is the lowest.

Yodean decor is a furniture paper factory, mainly provides furniture paper for artificial board surface decoration and protection. Furniture paper for MDF can reduce the formaldehyde emission, lower the speed of emission. The furniture paper and PVC edge banding can enhance the fiberboard service life and enhance the weather resistance. If you are interested in our furniture foil paper, please don’t hesitate us for more details.


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