What is panel-type furniture ? Why furniture deals?

Panel-type furniture is a kind of furniture made of MDF or particle board, with features of cheap price, environmental protection, and multi-patterns, so the panel-type furniture catches the furniture market fastly when it occurs, popular in the worldwide. A large part of this furniture is wood grain simulation furniture.

At present, the decorative materials of some panel furniture sold on the market are more and more realistic, and the gloss and hand feel are good. With this quality now, panel furniture becomes a cost-effective choice for modern life, especially for the furniture with wood grain contact paper.
As the leading furniture deals supplier of decorative surfaces for this kind of furniture, Yodean knows well about the industry and can give you best suggestion for the choice of the popular pattern now in the furniture market. Here we will have a glance to know the classification of the panel furniture.

panel type furniture set

panel type furniture set

Panel furniture can be divided into:

  • Furniture Contact Paper – Melamine Impregnated Paper Faced Decorative Surface

Furniture paper on the furniture panel

After printing wood grain pattern or marble pattern on the surface of decorative base paper and impregnated with cyanamide glue, we get melamine impregnated paper – contact paper for furniture ( best poplar is wood grain contact paper ), which is then hot-pressed on the board substrate at high temperature.

The requirement for decorative furniture paper using

The furniture contact paper is usually used for the surface of particleboard and MDF,  because the contact paper for furniture has a high requirement on the surface smoothness of the substrate, otherwise, the furniture paper will be pasted on the furniture panel unevenly.

The advantages of furniture foil paper

This kind of board with furniture foil paper is usually called Melamine Faced Board after melamine press facing, with advantages of perfect surface texture, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and good water resistance. It is suitable for production and is mainly used in the manufacture of panel furniture.

The making material of furniture deals

Melamine Impregnated Paper has a different thickness and has the difference of imported paper and domestic paper. Surface printing ink can also be divided into imported ink and domestic ink and the embossed effect of decorative surface is also different.

The types of decorative furniture contact paper

According to the different dipping process, the furniture contact paper can be divided into total Melamine glue and semi Melamine glue. The wear resistance coefficient of semi Melamine is not as good as that of total Melamine.

According to the difference of hot pressing steel plate, furniture film can be divided into smooth surface, matt surface, corrugated surface, rain silk surface and so on.



melamine faced board

melamine faced board furniture set

  •  Veneer Decorative Surface:

The veneer surface pasting on MDF / particleboard / multi-layer solid wood by high-temperature hot press becomes the Veneer Faced Board. Because the veneer skin can be divided into imported and domestic, precious wood and ordinary wood, the range of choices is large. Therefore, the grade of Veneer is determined according to the material type and thickness of the solid wood bark.
The surface of the Veneer Faced Board must be treated with paint. Due to the difference between solid wood bark and painting process, the same kind of solid wood bark is easy to make different effects, so the Veneer Faced Board has higher requirements on the coating and painting process.
Because of its real feel, natural and high grade, the veneer is the main decorative method of high-grade furniture at home and abroad, however, the relative material and manufacturing cost is higher.
At present, there is a popular technology veneer in China, which is favored by consumers for its real and natural texture, various patterns, no color difference and large format size.



veneer faced board furniture sets

veneer faced board furniture sets

  • Interior PVC Film

Interior pvc film is a kind of relatively thin decorative paper while it is mostly made of PVC. It is pasted on the surface of furniture with white glue and then sealed with paint.
Because it is easy to mill and shape, it is mainly used for surface finishing of MDF. At the same time, Interior PVC Film has poor wear resistance, easy to leave scratch, easy to bubble discoloration, but for its relative cost is low, it is the preferred finishing method for many finished furniture in China.

Interior PVC Film Furniture Sets

Interior PVC Film Furniture Sets

  • HPL (High pressure liminates)

HPL is a decorative surface made of siliceous material or calcareous material as the main raw material, mixed with certain proportion of fiber material, lightweight aggregate, adhesive and chemical additive and made by autoclave technology. The HPL has better high temperature resistance, wear resistance and chemical resistance and some of them can be bent after heating. HPL can not be used alone, it should be pasted on the surface of artificial board or wood. Due to the drying shrinkage of HPL, the process is not paid attention to when pasting and it is easy to open. Therefore, the requirements for pasting glue are relatively high during construction. The price of HPL with good quality is also more expensive than that of ordinary decorative panel. The thickness of fireproof board is generally 0.8 mm, 1 mm and 1.2 mm.
HPL is pasted on the base plate with glue, which is mainly used for the surface of wood parts made by hand on site. Because the amount of glue used in bonding is very large, the taste is very pungent, so it is not environmentally friendly. At the same time, due to the quality of the effect, the different sizing and pasting process, it is easy to blister and fall off.



high pressure laminate

high pressure laminate

  • Finish Foil Furniture Paper Board

PU coated finish foil furniture paper is a product widely praised in the market of decorative surfaces in recent years. It is widely used in various boards, such as particle board, density board, etc., and can also be used in the production of office furniture surface, skirting line and photo frame. So, in the furniture manufacturing industry, it is a new material that can not be ignored.

Compared with Melamine impregnated decorative paper, PU paper is more environmentally friendly. Because the melamine impregnated decorative paper is dipped in the melamine glue before use, there is much glue residue after it is pressed on the board, and the smell is heavy. But when PU paper is pasted on the board, it uses more environmental friendly white glue or wood glue, so even after it is pasted on the board, the residual smell is also small.
In addition, After impregnated, Melamine impregnated decorative paper will become very fragile, greatly improving the difficulty of transportation, and PU paper can be transported in rolls, which can reduce the risk of transportation damage.

Looking at the advantages of PU paper compared with other decorative materials, PU paper has become a new favorite in decorative surfaces market.

finish foil paper matress

finish foil paper matress

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