white flooring tile

white flooring tile

How to wipe clean the white floor tiles

Toothbrushes and brushes are more common, and they are also the most practical tools to clean up the dirt on the tile gap. The specific operation of this method is: use the toothbrush to dip a litte decontamination cream to remove the dirt in the seam at the tile seam, and then use the brush to dipped in waterproofing agent, wipe the seam in the tile gap, “This method not only can prevent water seepage but also can prevent the growth of mold. In our daily life, the detergent used to clean soil on the wishes at home. In fact, for the daily cleaning of the home floor tiles can also be used as detergent. The detergent is very mild in texture and comes with an aroma, apply it to the floor tiles where there are oil stains, or pour the detergent in the clean water for wiping the floor, it can quickly remove the oil stains and dirt on the floor tiles. At the same time detergent also has a certain degree of bacteria removal function, use it to wipe the floor can also reduce the breeding of bacteria at home, convenient and fast.

How to clean the white floor tiles when it is blackened

Soap cut into thin slices, and then put into hot water for melting made of soapy water. Soapy water can be used directly to wipe the floor, you can also put the production of soapy water into the water to wipe the floor. We use soap to wash clothes in our daily life, soap is very powerful in cleaning and does not harm clothes. Use soapy water to wipe the floor can remove the dust from the floor, if there are stubborn stains on the floor, you also need to use some detergent.
Note: When making soapy water, you do not need to add too much soap, or the floor is difficult to completely wipe clean with soap. The left soapy water on the floor will be easy to make you slip, then the safety of the family poses a threat, especially to the elderly and children.

The maintance method for white floor tile

Floor tile cleaning and maintenance also have a lot of attention, improper cleaning methods will be counterproductive.
Floor tile surface dust and gravel or glass fragments to clean up in time, otherwise, it is easy to cause floor scratches.
If the floor tile kind of decoration does not pay attention to protection, floor tile surface left mud scale, scratches and other kinds of more stubborn stains, it is difficult to clean. In this case can not use hydrochloric acid and oxalic acid to clean, as long as they use the correct cleaning agent and method, their own are completely easy to remove.

If you are tired to maintain the white floor tile, you also can choose the melamine board flooring, it has melamine paper on the wood like surface, features good dirt-resistance feature.

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