pvc flooring

pvc flooring

1、What is PVC flooring?


PVC flooring is semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride flooring, based on PVC resin, consisting of PVC resin, calcium carbonate, pigment, dye, surface treatment agent.

2、Is PVC flooring eco-friendly

Yes. Tested by the relevant state departments, the pvc flooring is non-toxic, harmless, zero formaldehyde content, many indicators have reached the relevant international standard even better. Therefore, the pvc flooring is the eco-friendly material that promot by the China Building Materials Circulation Association. Indoor Environment Professional Committee call it as “top ten safety standards floor “.

3、What are the advantages of pvc flooring compared with wood flooring?

Solid wood flooring is expensive, very easy to deform after moisture, and easy to crack and shrink after air-drying, so that the seams become larger. In addition, if the solid wood flooring is not properly maintained, it will result in mildew and insects. In contrast, pvc flooring has a more excellent performance, not be expansion and deformation after heat and moisture, with features of anti-corrosion and good mothproof ability. The maintenance of PVC flooring is also particularly simple.

4、What are the advantages of pvc flooring compared with tile and stone?

First of all, tile, stone is a very hard material, and the surface is smooth, which inevitably causes walking feet feel hard, the ground has water is very easy to slip, causing injury. And pvc flooring due to the advantages of their own materials, both the solidity of stone and organic materials, softness, so that people walking feet feel very comfortable, while having “water more astringent” characteristics, even if accidentally fallen, will not hurt the person.

5、Is Pvc flooring strong and durable?

PVC flooring contains stone powder composition, decided the product has superior pressure resistance, added resin makes the PVC flooring with a certain softness. When meeting the impact of heavy objects, the PVC flooring will not be broken like tile, stone, so the resistance of PVC flooring is very good.
Wear resistance is a great concern. Actually, the pvc composite class floor surface using UV wear-resistant coating, the use of the process through photochemical reaction, the wear resistance of PVC flooring will increase with the use of time. In addtional, the UV layer absorb the ultraviolet light, so that the floor printing layer will not change color, which greatly slowing down the aging rate of the PVC flooring, extending its service life. In addition, the wear-resistant layer above the printing layer is very hard, wear-resistant revolutions are in more than 30,000 revolutions.

6、What glue is used in the construction of PVC floor? Is there an odor after the pavement? How long can move in?

Construction PVC flooring needs to use special glue, this glue is water-soluble glue, and is safe for the human body, as confirmed by the national environmental protection testing department. This glue does not contain toxic heavy metals and toxic volatiles, and there is no odor after paving. After completing the PVC flooring construction, you can move in after opening the window ventilation for 48 hours.

7、The original ground is tile, to shovel to lay PVC flooring?

The answer is no. No need to shovel off, such as a paving sheet, the PVC flooring can be laid directly on the top after only a simple treatment of the gap. For paving coil, it can be done directly on the floor tiles with self-leveling treatment and then paving. The construction process of PVC flooring has little noise, easy and fast.

8、If the PVC floor daily maintenance simple?

Yes. Only need to wipe with wet dunnage on weekdays. Through the body, structure flooring is best to be able to wax once after the construction is completed, and then wax regularly depending on the situation, it can be kept as bright as new. Laminate structure floor is no need to wax, only daily cleaning can be.

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