Foil Paper Products

The wood grain furniture paper is also called foil paper, furniture paper, which is applied with PU coating on the surface, and it can be pressed under high temperature, applied on furniture board surface decoration and flooring decoration.  Totally, you can regard this decorative PU paper as a kind of development of ornate paper, also combined with the advantages of melamine paper.

Furniture PU coating decorative paper has advantages of good scratch resistance, dirty resistance and stickness resistance, can be pressed on the furniture board under both high and low temperature 50-100 degrees, so the decorative PU furniture paper can be worked by both manual working and machine pressing on the MDF or other board, even no need coating on the surface after pasting.

Yodean Decor is a leading professional furniture contact paper manufacturer, provide kinds of environmental protective furniture decorative paper, melamine paper rolls and wood grain foil paper for furniture factory from the world. Moreover, Yodean always keeps promoting our PU coated contact paper worldwide, hope to decrease trees felling accident.