Classic PU Coated Finish Foil Furniture Contact Paper

Code Number YD78034
Embossed EffectClassic PU coating
PatternWood Grain
Base Paper Weight30/35/40/50/53/60/65gsm(domestic & imported)
InkOil Based Ink

More Details about PU coated Finish Foil Furniture Contact Paper

Ashtree contact paper is supplied from Yodean furniture paper factory, applied in MDF, chipboard,  plywood such raw material for panel-type furniture. If you are a furniture supplier, and you are looking for a decorative paper supplier, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ashtree is an ancient remnant plant. Although it is widely distributed, it is mostly scattered. Ashtree is tough and beautiful in texture. It is yellow white (sapwood) or brown slightly yellow (heartwood).

Product Description


Yodean PU coated paper, also known as lamination paper, finish foil paper or PU wood grain paper, is a kind of furniture paper with PU coating on its surface.

Compared with traditional uncoated paper and Amino paper, PU paper has better quality wear resistance, water-resistance, and oil resistance features, in addition to the subsequent steps of painting on the surface. Therefore, PU coated paper is now widely used in the furniture paper industry for the production of various kinds of boards, such as particle boards, MDF, office furniture surfaces, baseboards, and photo frames. Yodean PU coated paper has more than 3000 kinds of colors, in addition to a variety of oak, beech, walnut and other wood grain designs, we also have solid, abstract and marble designs to adapt to market trends. The high price-performance ratio, high-quality product quality and timely after-sales support have made Yodean PU coated paper well sold both in domestic and foreign markets. We have already been in Southeast Asia-Malaysia, Indonesia, Middle East-Pakistan, Egypt, Asia-Japan, Europe-Spain, Germany, North America-Mexico market, and received a response.

Products Details

Item PU coated paper
Base paper weight 30/35/40/50/60/65gsm(domestic & imported)
Thickness(mm) 30/35/40/50/60/65gsm(domestic & imported)
Application furniture decor paper, wall decor sticker
Base paper weight 30/35/40/50/60/65gsm(domestic & imported)
Thickness(mm) 0.045/0.051/0.056/0.062/0.079/0.086
Width 1270mm
Ink Oil based ink(domestic & imported)
Coating material PU(Polyurethane)
Design wood grain
Color & Light fastness (lvl.1-6) lvl.5
A180 Send Paper

Abrasive Resistance(R)


Production of PU Coating Decor Paper for Furniture

Furniture Decor PU Coated Paper Display In The Sample Room

sample room of wood PU furniture sticker

Package of furniture decor PU paper

1000m/1250m/2500m per roll, water proof polyester film inside, Multi-layer craft paper outside.
20ft Container carries 180,000-320,000m.

We also package our PU coated decor furniture paper as the following pics, of course, the customized package is available too.

package of the decorative paper rolls

package of the decorative paper rolls

Application of furniture decor PU paper

  • All kinds of wardrobe, cabinets
  • All kinds of office furniture–like computer desk and coffe table
  • Door surface
  • Skirting and Photo Frame

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Q: What is the main components of the PU oil?
A:The main components of PU oil: propionic acid resin + Hardener;

Q: What are the PU paper’s physical properties?
A: There are three physical properties of PU paper. First is the Scratch resistance or Abrasive-Resistance, it is tested with the special abrasion tester. Second is the Stain Resistance , tested with coffee, alcohol, liquid paraffin, etc. The last is the Anti-Block, tested with special adhesive tape.

Q: According to the brightness, what types can we divide PU paper into?
A: PU paper is divided into matte and bright according to brightness, there are three types: Full matte — 6-10 °, semi matte — 15-20 °, high glossy brightness — above 35 °.The quality of the paper also determines the brightness.

Q: How to check the Printing quality of PU coated paper?
A: Firstly, check the surface color of the paper sample, then check the oil scraping and color matching of the paper sample, and finally Color matching after pasting on the board.
The lower the weight of the paper, the worse of the opacity of the paper, which the pasted board will affect the color of the paper. When you meet customers with high requirements for color accuracy, you need to know that the difference between basic materials and opacity of the paper has a great impact on color.

Q: What are the details of the Pasting process?
A: PU paper is suitable for high or low temperature pasting (temperature 50-100 ℃).
The Pasting process is divided into manual paste and machine paste. The machine is generally a paper sticke machine, which glues paper and board together with white emulsion.

Q: Do we need paint on the surface after pasting the PU paper on the boards?
A: PU paper is finished paper, which does not need subsequent painting treatment; in a few cases, full matt PU paper can be sprayed with a small amount of lacquer to improve the surface effect.

Q: What are the types of PU paper?
A: The main varieties of our company are as follows: Single PU, double PU; single matt PU, double matt PU, DPU, etc.
The coating amount of single PU and double PU is as follows:
Single PU— 3.25-3.75g/m2;
Double PU —- 6-7g/m2