Where to Buy Melamine Decorative Paper

Where to Buy Melamine Decorative Paper

Melamine paper is a type of decorative material with wood grain designs on its surface. This material is typically used for particle board and MDF and is available in rolls that weigh 500 kilograms each and a 20′ container that holds 14 tons. These materials are durable, non-breakable, and available for quick delivery. You can request a specific style of design or additional details, such as color and size when placing an order. Typically, you can have your custom melamine paper within 15 days after depositing your order or paying by L/C (loan and credit card).

Decorative melamine paper

Where to buy decorative melamine paper? Melamine paper is a type of high-quality printed decor paper, which is laminated onto wood-based panels. Its surface is protected by a layer of melamine resin. It is widely used in furniture applications, including cabinetry, store fixtures, shelving, and countertops. Its decorative properties also make it a good option for home storage and retail settings.

The melamine paper manufactured by Panel Processing is ideal for cabinets, shelving, and garages. The paper’s dramatic gold veins give it a metallic appearance reminiscent of Italian marble. Its high durability makes it a great choice for these spaces, and the melamine content is a good indication of the product’s quality. Its shelf life is approximately three months. However, the melamine paper should be stored at a temperature between 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, it can become sticky and break easily.

Cost of decorative melamine paper

Melamine Decorative Paper/Foils are a great choice for an inexpensive overlay on wood or other surfaces. Available in thousands of colors and patterns, they are typically used on shelving, store fixtures, and cabinets, but they are also ideal for home storage and retail settings. The cost of decorative melamine paper depends on the type and amount of melamine resin used. This material is also available in a variety of different sizes and colors.

The process used to make melamine paper involves dipping plain colored or printed paper into a special resin. The melamine paper contains a certain percentage of resin and is volatile in nature. The resin is then applied to the surface of a wood-based panel by hot pressing it on. Dawei Decorative supplies both plain and printed melamine paper. This paper is the least expensive surface decor film for furniture.

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