What is paper laminate for furniture

What is paper laminate for furniture?

What is paper laminate for furniture

Lamination paper for furniture is not a self-adhesive decorative paper to renovate the old furniture. Paper laminate for furniture is always pressed on the composite, then the composite with pressed laminated paper can be the based material to produce the panel-type furniture.

Composite: This is a material made with adhesive and wood sawdust or fibrous material, produced under high pressure.

The furniture laminate sheets are a decorative layer and protective layer for the composite, suitable for both straight, curved, and round surfaces. Generally, the lamination paper for furniture is applied on the surface of MDF, plywood, particleboard under pressing machine. If you like to DIY, also has lamination paper that can be pasted on the board by glue. The laminate sheets have good resistance features and simplify the whole processing of surface decoration. In addition, the laminate paper is eco-friendly, no harm to people’s health.

Types of laminate sheets

According to the different application and demands, the laminate sheets covers kinds of types, with different features aiming at the final purpose.

Laminate paper for furniture covers many designs and patterns, due to whether have a protective layer on the surface, we can divide the laminate paper into the following two.

  • Decorative paper: Decorative paper without a protective layer on the surface needs to paint. (Polaroid paper)
  • Finished paper: Laminate paper with a coating layer. ( Finish foil, Melamine paper, Ornate paper )

Due to the features of lamination papers of furniture, they can divide into:

  • Laminate paper for decoration.
  • Laminate paper for decoration, with dirt resistance.
  • laminate paper with good abrasion resistance.

Application of laminate sheets

Laminate sheets are mainly used on the surface of artificial board, MDF, plywood, particleboard, fiberboard. All of these composites are used for furniture production, wall production, door production,  flooring home necessaries.

Why furniture laminate sheets

With more and more laminate sheets on the furniture occurring on the market, indicate that more and more people decide to choose the panel type furniture. Under this popular trend of the laminate sheet, we can find out the advantages of this type of furniture as below:

  • Good scratch resistance for long service life
  • Good dirty resistance for better cleaning
  • Good stickiness resistance for
  • Beautiful various designs for home decoration
  • Resistance to high temperature
  • Eco-friendly
  • Finish foil is good for health.

who can laminate paper

Laminate paper is also pressed on the composite by a press machine under high temperature, but also has some laminate support DIY working at home with glue or wood glue. Melamine paper is usually used to make HLP, LLP board under high pressure by machine.


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