how to repair melamine paper board

How to repair the cracking melamine paper board

Melamine paper board is composed of two melamine paper surface layers and the inside plywood or other artificial board, put the edge banding on the side of the board to cover the whole board which is inside of decorative surface layers. Hence, the resistance features of the melamine paper board almost come from the surface layer – melamine paper for board and edge banding. But the baseboard is a mixing board made of sawdust, with poor resistance features and the need to prevent water / wet air come into the board, to avoid water to weak the strength of plywood. Therefore, the surface protective layer is very important for the service life of melamine paper board, you need to maintain the protective layer to enhance the using life of melamine paper board.

how to repair melamine paper board

If the melamine paper panel is cracking, it is necessary to repair it in time, so that your furniture made of melamine paper MDF can be used for a longer time. Follw the next article, Yodean Decor will show you how to repair the cracking melamine paper board on the furniture.

1. Bring a wet cloth on the craking part of the melamine paper panel.

2. Put a hot iron on the wet cloth, to fast the wet air into the hard protective melamine film layer.

3. The protective layer will get soft, with a little stretchable feature, not easy to crack.

4. Scrape the old glue.

5. Apply a layer of milky white glue on the base wood.

6. Apply a layer of new glue on the reverse side of the loose veneer.

7. Compact the melamine decorative paper and based wood.

8. Wait until the glue is completely dry.

9. Done.


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