Orange Raw Base Paper For Decorative Paper

Code NumberYD1001
Paper Weight70/73/80/83/85
Air Permeability16-18

More Details about Orange Raw Base Paper for Decorative Paper

The orange raw base paper is meticulously crafted for the creation of impregnated melamine paper. This product stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in the realm of decorative surfacing materials. Carefully calibrated thickness ensures that our orange raw base paper is perfectly suited for the impregnation process. This precise thickness aids in uniform resin absorption, essential for achieving a high-quality finish in the final melamine product.


Yodean Decor provides raw base paper from Runkai, and supplies to Southeast Asia-Malaysia, Indonesia, Middle East-Pakistan, Egypt, Asia-Japan, Europe-Spain, Germany, North America-Mexico market for decorative design printing factories.

Based on requirements, we can adjust the parameters of raw base papers as below.

Products Details

Module No: RK1001-70/80/83;RK1002-80/83/85;RK2004-80;RK2005-80;RK3003-70;RK3013-


Paper weight(g/㎡) 70/73/80/83/85
Thickness(mm) 75-86
smoothness(s) 200
Air permeability 16-18
Dry tension(n) 25
Wet tension(n) 5
Age 7.5
Water absorption 20
Moisture(%) 2.5
Titanium Dioxide(%) 26-40
Flexibility(%) 2.8

Production of Impregnated Melamine Paper for Furniture

Raw Base Paper Roll In Production

Furniture Decor Melamine Paper From Raw Base Paper

sample room of wood PU furniture sticker

Package of Raw Base Paper

1000m/1250m/2500m per roll, waterproof polyester film inside, Multi-layer craft paper outside.
20ft Container carries 180,000-320,000m.

We also package our PU-coated decor furniture paper as the following pics, of course, the customized package is available too.

Raw Base Paper Stroage

Raw Base Paper Storage

Application of Raw Base Paper

  • Decorative Paper
  • Impregnated Melamine Paper