What Is Furniture Paint?

What is furniture paint? Generally, people choose to paint furniture for color. There are literally hundreds of different paint colors available, including tintable types that match the color of different manufacturers. Chalk paint and spray paint are generally limited to a set range of colors.

Here are some of the most popular types of paint:

Metallic Glaze (620)

Metallic Glaze (620) is a transparent water-based glaze intended for decorative faux finishing. Unlike other paints, this glaze is applied in a specific way. The result is an irregular, metallic-like wood stain. To create a metallic look, mix this paint with other Moore interior paints for more flexibility. This paint is best used on furniture or pieces of hardware. For best results, apply two coats to the item in question and allow the glaze to dry thoroughly.

Metallic Glaze adds dimension to furniture and dries with a glimmering metallic luster. Its unique effect creates highlights and shapes that are impossible to achieve with other types of paints. The metallic finish also helps create dramatic contrasts and highlights on surfaces. This paint also makes furniture pieces look opulent, stylish, and sophisticated.

Oil-based paint

If you are looking to renovate furniture that has a traditional finish and is prone to chipping and peeling, oil-based furniture paint may be the right choice. It can be applied over water-based paint, but it will have a difficult time adhering to an oil-painted surface. Oil-based paint also emits volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which means that it needs adequate ventilation to prevent it from being harmful to the environment. It’s also not readily available at your big-box home improvement stores.

Oil-based furniture paint is recommended for heavily used furniture, such as sofas and dining room chairs. It has a long drying time, and fumes may be an issue. This paint requires the proper application and should be applied with a brush with natural or synthetic bristles. You can also use cloths and rollers for specialty effects. Once you know what type of paint you’re going to use, you can make the best decision for your needs.

Chalk paint

If you’re interested in using chalk paint on your furniture, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of online and in-store retailers offering chalk paint for furniture. Use a variety of rollers and brushes to create a distressed look. Here are some helpful tips. 1. Check out a few images before you buy. This will give you a general idea of what color to choose. If you don’t like the result, you can always go back and paint it again later if you are not satisfied.

Unlike latex paint, chalk paint is not waterproof. Typically, you’ll need to apply a topcoat. Wax is one option, but this type of coating is tricky to apply and will not protect your furniture well. It is best to buy a topcoat that is safe for chalk paint. Do not use oil-based “polyurethane” or varnish; these will turn your furniture yellow! Always test the paint on a hidden area before applying a topcoat.

DiamondHard RePurpose Enamel

If you have a piece of furniture that is in need of a facelift and a quick refresh, consider using the versatile, multipurpose paint. This paint is great for a variety of uses and requires no priming.


Although the furniture paint can apply new colors to your furniture and make them new, you also need to treat the surface of the surface smooth before you paint. If new panel-type furniture, there are surface finished paper or decorative paper with paint on the wood-like surface board, you need to consult the furniture store before painting. If you want to paint the old furniture, you need to keep the furniture surface smooth with some sand paper or other tools.