Skin Feeling Series PVC Laminate Films

ProductSkin Feeling Series PVC Laminate Film
MaterialPVC membrane foil
Width1400mm, customer-sized
Designwood grain/marble/solid color/fancy/cotton, etcOil Based Ink
Surface TreatmentEmbossed/matt/high glossy,etc
Application:Surface decoration for artificial boards, veneer, flakeboard, fiberboard, blockboard, slabs, asbestos board, slates, aluminum and plastic profiles.

More Details about Skin Feeling Series Solid Color PVC Film

Skin feeling series PVC film is a matt smooth design with a solid single color, used for indoor decoration, suitable for the curve or complicated shape design surface lamination, with various colors for selection. Meantime, the PVC film is a flexible film and easy to process, easy to produce, it can be processed into different shapes. In addition to its excellent weather resistance, PVC film also has good impact resistance and heat resistance. If you are looking for a manufacturing company that makes quality PVC lamination film, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick quote.

Q: What is the main components of the PVC Foil?

A:The main components of PVC foil: PVC.

Q: What are the PVC films’ physical properties?

A: There are many physical properties of PVC foil in resistance: waterproof, moisture proof, mould proof, smoke proof, fireproof, soundproof, sound-absorbing, heat insulation, Anti-static.

Q: What Types of PVC Foil Does Yodean Decor Have?

A: PVC foil is divided into vacuum press PVC film & lamination film.

Q: How Many Designs of PVC Foil?

A: PVC foil has a glossy and matte surface, with designs in wood grain, cloth, solid.. etc.

Q: How to apply PVC Foil on the surface?

A: PVC foil lamination film is the same as the finish foil, applied on the wood like surface by heat pressing.

Q: How to check the Printing quality of PVC Foil?

A: Firstly, check the surface color of the film sample, then check the oil scraping and color matching of the film sample, and finally Color matching after pasting on the board.

The lower the weight of the film, the worse the opacity of the film, which the pasted board will affect the color of the film. When you meet customers with high requirements for color accuracy, you need to know that the difference between basic materials and the opacity of the pvc film has a great impact on color.

Q: Do we need paint on the surface after pasting the PVC foil on the boards?

A: PVC foil is the finished film, which does not need subsequent painting treatment; in a few cases, full matt pvc film can be sprayed with a small amount of lacquer to improve the surface effect.