5 Easy Ways to Make Your Room Look Good

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Room Look Good

A room can look cluttered if there are too many things in it. Things like bulky furniture that is never used should be taken out. According to interior designer Kate Lester, you should organize the hidden areas of your room and clear off the surfaces. Another way to make your room look organized is to use color-blocking and mirrors to create architectural interest.


Color-blocking is an effective way to bring contrast and add visual interest to a room. It can create a bold statement or a subtle accent. For example, if you have a plain, black couch, you can add color with a colorful throw pillow. It will make your sitting area stand out. Depending on your style, you can choose a high contrast color or a neutral shade of your choice.

One of the easiest ways to apply color blocking is to start with neutral or white walls. Use a bright color that stretches half-way up the wall, followed by a darker shade that blends with it. Examples of this style are shown at Remodelista, Refinery29, and Sugar and Charm. You can also use the same color on a single wall, but vary the height.

Adding architectural interest

Adding architectural interest to a room is an easy and inexpensive way to update the look of your space. One popular way to enhance the look of a room is by adding a decorative ceiling medallion. Ceiling medallions are great for adding architectural interest to your room, and they can also serve as a focal point for the room.

Adding mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent way to make your room appear bigger and brighter. They reflect light and can be strategically placed to draw attention away from awkward angles. They also give the illusion of depth, which can make your room seem taller. However, if you have a small room, you may not have enough space for a large mirror, and in such a case, you can consider using other furniture pieces that serve the same purpose.

A simple way to make your room look bigger is to add several mirrors on the same wall. Larger mirrors are more expensive, but smaller mirrors can be found at discount stores and thrift stores. The mirrors can be painted the same color and placed in groups. This can give the room a more organized look.

Changing decor on dressers

One of the biggest pieces of furniture in your bedroom, your dresser, plays an important role in setting the overall look and feel of the room. However, the top of the dresser can quickly become a haven for clutter, which can make your room look less appealing. Changing up the top decor of your dresser is a great way to give your bedroom a fresh new look.

To change the look of your dresser, start by thinking about how you’d like it to look. A large mirror, a single piece of art, or a collection of smaller pieces of artwork can create visual balance. Keep in mind, though, that the size of any hanging artwork or mirror should not be larger than the dresser itself.

Adding a floor-to-ceiling fitted unit

Fitting floor-to-ceiling built-ins into a room will make it look larger and feel more spacious. This type of unit will also help to save space because it will cover a wall that is otherwise wasted. Unlike other furniture that sits on the floor, a floor-to-ceiling unit is a great way to make a room look bigger than it actually is.

Removing unnecessary furniture

You can make your room appear bigger by getting rid of unnecessary furniture. It is important to keep the room open and clear of clutter. Avoid placing too many large pieces of furniture. These can hinder foot traffic and make a room appear cluttered and crowded. You can also try to give away or relocate the unnecessary furniture to another part of the house. The best way to make sure the room looks good is to test the room without the extra furniture.

Avoid placing furniture that can block the natural light coming through the windows. You may feel tempted to fill built-ins. But too many pieces of furniture make a room feel smaller and dark. Remove extra furniture and move them to other rooms with more natural light.

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