Melamine paper vs PVC sticker

Melamine paper is a decorative paper for furniture, and PVC decorative paper also can be used for furniture paper, even for car body stickers, laptops, and wall stickers.

Thus both of them are decorative paper at home, but we have a problem: Is melamine contact paper better than PVC vinyl film or not? What are the difference and Similarities between melamine covering paper and PVC vinyl?


The Similarities of Melamine Sheets and PVC Vinyl Film

  1. The melamine covering paper has many patterns the same as PVC vinyl wrap.

Here will show you an example of patterns of melamine paper:

According to the requirements, melamine decorative paper and vinyl wrap developed various patterns in the furniture decorative market.


Wood grain melamine paper: Melamine contact paper supplier develops kinds of wood grain melamine contact paper according to the real wood type.

And wood contact paper is one of the most popular patterns in the furniture decorative market because the furniture with wood grain melamine paper is cheaper than the real wood furniture, but this decorative paper displays an effect similar with the wood, with advantages of fireproof, durable, waterproof, environmental protection, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance..

Thus there is wood melamine paper as follows: oak contact paper, teak melamine film for lamination, walnut contact paper on MDF, wenge melamine decor paper, maple contact paper, cherry decorative film…..


Fancy contact paper:  Fancy melamine paper is a kind of fashion style, also a popular pattern in the America, Europe, etc western country.


Marble decal paper: Marble melamine paper can show a marble effect, you can feel the marble effect when you touch the surface of the marble furniture contact paper.

And there are some other patterns for melamine decorative film, such as solid contact paper, matte decorative paper, synchronized foil paper, 3D/ texture embossed contact paper, classic furniture paper, suede, hemp, matte, imitation grain, synchronous embossing, leather grain, tile grain, horizontal grain, leather square, Milan square, etc.


Wood contact paper can be divided into teak, walnut, wenge, applewood, elm, beech, oak, sandalwood, maple, cherry melamine paper.


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  1. The melamine contact paper is used for furniture decoration

The Melamine foil paper is mainly used for furniture decoration, and the PVC vinyl sticker also can be used for furniture decorative.

But there is a difference, the melamine is used for kinds of furniture panel, and then making the furniture by these panels.

The PVC vinyl film is used for furniture renovation.


The difference between melamine foil paper and PVC vinyl wrap

1. Melamine paper

Melamine: commonly known as melamine and protein essence, is an organic compound used as a chemical raw material.

It is white monoclinic crystals, almost odorless, slightly soluble in water (3.1g/L at room temperature), soluble in methanol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, etc., insoluble in acetone, ethers, harmful to the body, and cannot be used in food processing or food Additives.


The features of melamine decorative film:

The melamine contact paper has the advantages of fireproof and abrasion resistance, which is better than PVC vinyl.


The application of melamine film:

The furniture panel with melamine contact paper is called melamine impregnated adhesive film paper veneer artificial board, and it also has other names – melamine veneer, also called it as melamine board, double veneer, and paint-free board, ecological board.


The melamine impregnate is to soak furniture contact paper in melamine resin adhesive, and then dry to a certain degree of curing, and pave it on particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium-density fiberboard, plywood, blockboard or another hard fiberboard surface, finally, this decorative panels is made by hot pressing.

Don’t forget to be sealed with PVC edge strips for the melamine board.


2. PVC vinyl wrap

Various patterns

At present, the PVC vinyl film develops kinds of patterns in the market, such as matte vinyl film, gloss vinyl film, gloss metallic vinyl wrap, brush vinyl PVC film, even for chameleon vinyl wrap and holographic vinyl sticker, etc.

Anyway, there are so many choices for you to decorate your vehicle, furniture or other items.


The application of PVC vinyl film:

The PVC film can be shaped like arcs, bumps, etc., with many changes, so the PVC vinyl wrap has a wide application. Such as furniture vinyl wrap, car sticker, wall stickers, laptop vinyl wrap.

For now, one of the most popular application is color changing car vinyl film, can decorate your car body as new one in a cheap price.


But the vinyl film also has features of fireproof, waterproof, and corrosion resistance, but it is not good as the melamine paper, so the warranty is just 1-3 years.

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