MaterialPVC membrane foil
Width1400mm, customer-sized
Designwood grain/marble/solid color/fancy/cotton, etcOil Based Ink
Surface TreatmentEmbossed/matt/high glossy,etc

More Details about PVC Film

PVC membrane structure is a special structure system which is different from traditional structure. Membrane material is not only the structural bearing component, but also the roof enclosure material. At the same time, the membrane material itself is quite good decorative material.


Covered by vacuum membrance on the surface of various boards, such as MDF, veneer boards, flake boards, fiberboards, block boards, PVC profile and other materials of high-pressure floor slabs, asbestos boards, slates, aluminum and plastic profiles which used. For indoor decoration and funiture making industry.

wholesale pvc foil for indoor decoration


The characteristics of PVC Membrane Foil include its reliability and easy-to-use properties. These characteristics make it suitable for many purposes including decoration and packaging.

Material PVC membrane foil
Thickness(mm) 0.20-0.45
Width 1400mm, customer-sized
Length 100-400M/Roll(Designed by thickness)
Design wood grain/marble/solid color/fancy/cotton, etc
Surface Treatment Embossed/matt/high glossy,etc
Usage Door frame/window frame/plywood/cabinet/desk and pvc wood
Functions Waterproof/moisture proof/mould proof/smoke proof/fireproof/soundproof/sound-absorbing/heat insulation/Anti-static
Feature Self-Adhesive or not adhesive
Delivery time About 20 days after receiving deposit


PVC foil is an lamination paper, used for indoor decoration and furniture production. It has high brightness and flexibility, which makes it easy to cut, paste and glue. Its surface is smooth, bright and shiny; it has good water resistance, resistance to oil and alkali corrosion.

PVC foil is mainly made up of two parts: the inner layer and the outer layer. The inner layer is a thin plastic film sandwiched between two layers of paper. The outer layer is also made up of three layers: the back sheet, the intermediate sheet and the front sheet (the picture shows only one side). All these three layers are laminated together through hot stamping process.

PVC foil has many advantages over other materials such as PET film: it does not easily tear when it is being cut or bent; its printable surface area is larger; it has better transparency than PET film; it has excellent strength and toughness; it can resist heat well and has a good barrier performance against moisture vapor diffusion; its color stability is good; its light-fastness is higher than that of PET film, etc.


  1. Superior Stain Resistance
  2. Easy to cut, Wrap and Bend
  3. Outstanding Abrasion and Scratch Resistance
  4. High Color Permanence and Vibrant Colors
  5. No Melamine Joint Lines
  6. Perfect for Curved Panels
  7. Non-toxic
  8. Waterproof, dampproof
  9. Easy to clean, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, moisture resistant
  10. High impact resistance
  11. Good flexibility and superior bending strength
  12. High UV resistance, abrasion-resistance, chemical resistance, and stain resistance


  • Furniture doors
  • Cabinet doors
  • Cabinets
  • Wall panels
  • Door frame
  • window frame
  • plywood
  • Desk and PVC wood

PS: Yodean Decor PVC foil paper is not suitable for renewing the furniture the same as the selfadhesive furniture contact paper, it is always used with vacuum blister machine for the processing.

Recommended Thickness of PVC Film

Clapboard: 0.12-0.20mm
Gussets, window sills, ceilings: 0.12mm-0.20mm
Cold stick, flat stick: 0.12mm- 0.20mm
Paint free door: 0.12mm- 0.25mm
Furniture: 0.12mm- 0.30mm
Security door: 0.16mm- 0.20mm(common width: 1080mm)
Cabinet door vacuum blister: 0.30mm- 0.35mm

Why Choose Yodean Decor PVC Foil?

  • PVC eco-friendly material, never use the recycled material
  • Skin-like feel with a variety of colors
  • Thousands of designs and colors to choose from, zero tailoring available
  • Multi-color register printing + precision embossing roller. Vivid colors and clear textures
  • No fading, the film surface is resistant to tension and stretching, makes more possible in different design


PVC film in rolls in polyfoam packing in carton or pallet.

100-400M/Roll(Designed by thickness)

Available processing machine

Vacuum press machines