Wholesale laminate furniture sheets for plywood

Code Number YD18218-1
Embossed EffectClassic PU coating
Base Paper Weight30/35/40/50/53/60/65gsm(domestic & imported)
InkOil Based Ink

More Details about Wholesale laminate furniture sheets for plywood

YD 18218-1 is supplied from experienced foil paper manufacturer, has many resistance features, customized thickness, weight and colors are avaliable.

Yodean provides foil finish at a wholesale price, with thousands of wood grain designs, mainly used for plywood, MDF such wood-like surface, no harmful material, eco-friendly, no harmful to the baby and pet, and it is non self-adhesive, pasting by white gule or wood gule.

Yodean furniture paper supplier provides kinds of type wood grain paper for MDF, chipboard, plywood board etc, with PU coated, all of our wood grain contact paper is non self adhesive and they have good surface resistance for the furinture, flooring, decorative furniture and so on.

Beech contact paper is one of the popular wood grain furniture paper in our decorative paper products.

Beech’s texture is clear, the wood material is well proportioned and the texture is smooth. Beech is a little rough. The grain texture of Huanghua pear varied in many curves, while beech had a strong regularity.


YD 18218-1 is supplied from professional foil finish factory, covers thousands of designs, has big inventory for a fast shipment, and we allow deposit first for production too.

Yodean PU coated paper, also known as lamination paper, finish foil paper or PU wood grain paper, is a kind of furniture paper with PU coating on its surface.

Compared with traditional uncoated paper and Amino paper, PU paper has better quality wear resistance, water-resistance, and oil resistance features, in addition to the subsequent steps of painting on the surface. Therefore, PU coated paper is now widely used in the furniture paper industry for the production of various kinds of boards, such as particle boards, MDF, office furniture surfaces, baseboards, and photo frames. Yodean PU coated paper has more than 3000 kinds of colors, in addition to a variety of oak, beech, walnut and other wood grain designs, we also have solid, abstract and marble designs to adapt to market trends. The high price-performance ratio, high-quality product quality and timely after-sales support have made Yodean PU coated paper well sold both in domestic and foreign markets. We have already been in Southeast Asia-Malaysia, Indonesia, Middle East-Pakistan, Egypt, Asia-Japan, Europe-Spain, Germany, North America-Mexico market, and received a response.

Products Details

Item PU coated paper
Base paper weight 30/35/40/50/60/65gsm(domestic & imported)
Thickness(mm) 30/35/40/50/60/65gsm(domestic & imported)
Application furniture decor paper, wall decor sticker
Base paper weight 30/35/40/50/60/65gsm(domestic & imported)
Thickness(mm) 0.045/0.051/0.056/0.062/0.079/0.086
Width 1270mm
Ink Oil based ink(domestic & imported)
Coating material PU(Polyurethane)
Design wood grain
Color & Light fastness (lvl.1-6) lvl.5
A180 Send Paper

Abrasive Resistance(R)


Production of PU Coating Decor Paper for Furniture

Furniture Decor PU Coated Paper Display In The Sample Room

sample room of wood PU furniture sticker

Package of furniture decor PU paper

1000m/1250m/2500m per roll, water proof polyester film inside, Multi-layer craft paper outside.
20ft Container carries 180,000-320,000m.

We also package our PU coated decor furniture paper as the following pics, of course, the customized package is available too.

package of the decorative paper rolls

package of the decorative paper rolls

Application of furniture decor PU paper

  • All kinds of wardrobe, cabinets
  • All kinds of office furniture–like computer desk and coffe table
  • Door surface
  • Skirting and Photo Frame