Classic PU Coated Finish Foil Paper

Code Number YD 68105-1
Embossed EffectSynchronized PU Coating
Base Paper Weight40/50/53/60/65gsm(domestic & imported)
InkOil Based Ink

More Details about PU coated Finish Foil Paper

Yodean is a furniture contact paper supplier and furniture paper factory in China, provides synchronized contact paper for kinds of panel-type furniture, such as table, cabinet, desk, dining table, etc,  with 3D texture embossed PU coated effect.


Synchronized paper is one of 3D texture embossed PU coated paper. It has been coated by PU material twice. And the texture embossed effect can perfectly go with the designs which makes it now the most popular products in the market. Better quality performance, more three-dimensional touch, and richer design combination make it have a very high market value in the furniture décor surface industry, making it an upcoming star in the furniture decoration industry in recent years. Yodean can also provide you with more designs as you need once you find anything interested.

Products Details

Item PU coated paper
Base paper weight 40/50/60/65gsm(domestic & imported)
Thickness(mm) 40/50/60/65gsm(domestic & imported)
Application furniture decor paper, wall decor sticker
Base paper weight 40/50/60/65gsm(domestic & imported)
Thickness(mm) 0.045/0.051/0.056/0.062/0.079/0.086
Width 1270mm
Ink Oil based ink(domestic & imported)
Coating material PU(Polyurethane)
Design Fabric
Color & Light fastness (lvl.1-6) lvl.5
A180 Send Paper

Abrasive Resistance(R)


Production of PU Coating Decor Paper for Furniture

Furniture Decor PU Coated Paper Display In The Sample Room

sample room of wood PU furniture sticker

Package of furniture decor PU paper

1000m/1250m/2500m per roll, water proof polyester film inside, Multi-layer craft paper outside.
20ft Container carries 180,000-320,000m.

We also package our PU coated decor furniture paper as the following pics, of course, the customized package is available too.

package of the decorative paper rolls

package of the decorative paper rolls

Application of furniture decor PU paper

  • All kinds of wardrobe, cabinets
  • All kinds of office furniture–like computer desk and coffe table
  • Door surface
  • Skirting and Photo Frame