Wood furniture is the best popular one in the furniture market. Yodean Decor wood furniture paper is an environmental decorative surface paper, cheaper than the real wood furniture, with features of waterproof, anti-fire and easy to washing. The applications are wood cabinet, oak wood sofa, walnut wood bed, maple wood chair etc. You can know more popular wood patterns as following.


They are mainly distributed in North America, Russia and Northeast China. The center of the tree is yellowish brown to reddish brown, with obvious growth rings, slightly wavy, heavy and hard.

Oak has two categories of red oak and white oak, but red oak is not red, white oak is not white, so the distinction is not obvious.

Oak has a relatively distinct mountain wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture, quite beautiful.

Identification method: Oak has Strong sense of wood, Elegant color, Beautiful texture, Long and thick wood thorn, Uneven distribution of wood thorn.


Walnut wood is one of the best wood, mainly produced in North America and Europe. Domestic Walnut has lighter color. Black Walnut is light black brown with purple color, and its chord section is a beautiful large parabola pattern (or large mountain pattern).

The sapwood of Walnut is milky white, heartwood was from light brown to dark chocolate, occasionally has purple and darker stripes. The wood grain is generally straight, sometimes with wavy or curly wood grain, forming a pleasing decorative pattern.

There is a large parabola mountain pattern. The wood grain is generally straight. There are many, dense and medium-sized wood thorns, So the walnut looks like it’s full of thorns.


Maple is divided into soft maple and hard maple. It is produced in the south of the Yangtze River basin to Taiwan and abroad in the east of the United States. Maple wood is grayish brown to grayish red, the annual rings are not obvious. The Maple grain is interlaced, the structure kidney is thin and even, the texture is light and hard, and the pattern is beautiful.

Identification method: The ring of maple is not obvious, there are many and small official holes, the distribution is relatively uniform. Maple has few wood thorn, its color is milky white, reddish brown, lighter.


Teak is precious timber species in the world. The origin of teak is in Southeast Asia and there are some teak near the border of Yunnan in China. Among them, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar’s are the best varieties.

Teak is glossy, and the best one is from Southeast Asia. Teak is oily and bright, with uniform color and straight texture.

Identification method: Teak is bright in color, straight in texture and clear in grain. It looks like it has been soaked in oil.


Main producing area: North America, Commercial timber mainly comes from the United States, and the main commercial forests are distributed in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and New York

Cherry’s heartwood is from dark red to light reddish brown and it has straight texture, narrow Brown pulp spots and small tree capsule in fine grain, fine structure.

Identification method: Cherry’s heartwood is from dark red to light reddish brown, and it has straight texture.


Sandalwood’s wood is hard, fragrance is fragrant and eternal, color is gorgeous and changeful, all kinds of poisons are invincible, immortal and can avoid evil. Its texture is tight and hard, its color is gorgeous and changeable, its fragrance is fragrant and eternal, and it is invincible, and it can avoid evil and cure diseases, so people often regard it as a mascot to ensure safety and good luck.

Identification method: The texture is fine and rugged, striped, with dark brown.

7.Camphor wood

Camphor wood, evergreen tree, yellow brown bark, with irregular longitudinal cracks, mainly produced in the South and southwest of the Yangtze River. The wood block size is different, the surface is reddish brown to dark brown, and annual rings can be seen in the cross section.

Identification method: the texture is irregular, and generally there are graphic patterns.


Beech, it is produced in the south of China, so it is also called Southern elm. It is a unique wood in South-east China, with clear texture, uniform wood texture, soft and smooth color.

Beech’s texture is clear, the wood material is well proportioned and the texture is smooth. Beech is a little rough. The grain texture of Huanghua pear varied in many curves, while beech had a strong regularity.

Identification method: clear texture, soft and smooth tone.


Catalpa, a deciduous tree, grows in the northeast of China, Russia and other extremely cold regions. The texture of Catalpa wood is clear and simple, especially suitable for making country style furniture.

Identification method: Catalpa has straight wood grain, it will turn black when encountering water.

  1. Birch

Birch’s year ring is slightly obvious, it has straight and obvious texture, characterized by more “waterline” (black line), birch is a mid-range material, solid wood and veneer are common. It is produced in Northeast and North China.

Identification method: Birch has obvious year rings, straight texture, delicate wood, and is light white and yellowish.

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